The Best Aerobic Exercise Options for Summer

aerobic_exercise.jpgHello, JULY! There’s so much to love about this month: sunshine, beach time, vacations. And, of course, all the fun things we can do in the great outdoors. Let’s go over some of the best aerobic exercise options for summer—things beyond our tried and true exercises, like running and power walking. 

Remember, calories burned will depend on your weight, heart rate, intensity level, and length of activity. 

  • Tennis.

A good tennis match can really get your heart pumping while engaging your legs, arms, and core. Aim for a one-hour singles match (or even two hours, if you can swing it—no pun intended!).

The Mayo Clinic reports that one hour of singles tennis can burn anywhere from 584 to 872 calories, depending on your weight (as well as the other factors we mentioned above). 

  • Swimming.

Swimming is probably most people’s favorite summertime activity. But the key to burning calories is you have to move. So while lounging in an inflatable device and snoozing under the sun is certainly OK for a little while, just make sure you jump in the water and get your laps in. Even doing light or moderate laps for an hour can burn 423 to 632 calories

Want to mix up your water workouts a bit? Try water aerobics (402 to 600 calories) or water skiing (438 to 654 calories). 

  • Biking.

The nice thing about biking is that you can do it almost anywhere. It’s a greener option for the environment and good for your health to boot. Talk about a win-win! And you don’t need to act as if you’re competing in the Tour de France to enjoy the benefits. Even “leisurely” biking (i.e. less than 10 mph) can burn anywhere from 292 to 436 calories per hour

  • Kayaking.

Let’s face it: we sometimes overindulge during summer (we’re looking at you, Orange Pineapple ice cream), which means our tummies can take a beating. Fight the summertime pouch by giving your core a fun workout. That’s where kayaking comes in. You wouldn’t think it at first blush, but all the twisting, turning, and balancing you have to do while in a kayak can keep that area toned. Not to mention you’ll burn calories (anywhere from 283 to 454, again depending on body size, intensity, duration). 

As to how it compares to other activities, according to LiveStrong, “Kayaking burns more calories per hour than cycling 5.5 mph, less than running 5.5 mph and the same as playing softball for one hour.” Best part? It doesn’t seem like exercise, which can be a bonus for the family couch potato or kids who are averse to working out. 

  • Hiking.

Hiking is another great huff-and-puff activity that usually results in big pay-offs, and we don’t just mean calories burned. Think fresh air, lots of nature time, and usually gorgeous vistas when you summit. And it’s cheap! But if that doesn’t convince you, this likely will. Calories burned during a one-hour hike can range from 438 to 654. (Add a backpack to your hike, and you’ll burn even more.) 

What’s your favorite aerobic exercise to do during summer? Share in the comments!