What to Look for in a Gym Membership


You’ve decided to head back to the gym. Congrats! Making a commitment to your body and overall health is a GOOD thing. Now, for the tough part: choosing a gym that fits your specific needs. Here’s what to keep in mind when checking out gyms and comparing gym memberships.



The Best Things Your Personal Trainer Can Teach You

  • Family friendly. Trying to fit in a workout around the kids’ schedules? Sometimes the hardest part of a workout is just getting out the door, which can be even harder when kids aren’t old enough to be left alone. Make sure to check for a kid friendly area at prospective gyms to keep the kids out of harm’s way.
    WoW Bonus: WoW provides babysitting services free of charge during peak hours.
  • Support. Motivating yourself for a solo workout is tough, which is why group fitness classes can be a fun way to get a workout and even meet new friends. Whether you’re using group classes to ease into a workout routine, or to complement the other workouts during your week, you’ll want a variety of classes and times to keep you motivated. Looking for a more customized plan, working with a personal trainer can help you reach your goals at your own pace and ability level with the support of a professional.
    WoW Bonus: With classes every day of the week, and 4 studios in addition to the gym floor, planning a class is as easy as looking on your app and finding a time that works for you. Small group and personal training options allow you to find the best way to train to fit your lifestyle.
  • Equipment. Do you love cardio? Looking to weight lift? When you tour a gym, make sure you are checking out all the available equipment you know you’ll use.
    WoW Bonus: Cardio equipment is not hard to find in any WoW location. If you’re looking to strength train, you can find large areas of free weights as well as guided machines. Ladies, there’s even a Women’s Only studio just for you.
  • Location. You don’t want your trip to the gym to be a hassle in itself. Map out the distance to your potential gyms from home and work so you know if it will make logistical sense to fit in your workouts.
    WoW Bonus: With 11 WoW locations in NJ, many members love that there’s a location close by home and the office so they can always find time for a workout or make an available class.

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