4 Things That Make Our Zumba Classes Great

4_Things_That_Make_Our_Zumba_Classes_Great.jpgIt’s not hard to find Zumba classes, but it is hard to find the right Zumba class. Zumba brings a fun, energy filled workout to your day, so there’s no question why so many people seek out these classes. If you really want to reap all of the benefits of Zumba, you may want to consider where you’re headed to class. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up with dance moves, or just let loose and have a great time, check out why WoW Group Training classes are second to none. After all, location is everything!

Lose Weight in Cardio Dance Class

  • Dance Studio Atmosphere.
    You’ll feel like you’re stepping out onto a professional dance floor in Zumba classes or Group Groove at WoW. Our Group Training studios will put you in the zone with floor to ceiling mirrors and studio hard-wood floors while your favorite Zumba music tracks fill the room with energy.
  • Professional Instructors.
    It’s easy to see how much our instructors love what they do, and they want you to love your workout too! That’s why they’re constantly working hard to bring the latest routines to every class. New releases of Group Groove are introduced periodically so you’ll know you can always look forward to a new challenge.
  • Easy to Find Classes.
    Because you just can’t get enough, you can look forward to your favorite cardio dance class more than just once a week. With several convenient WoW locations, classes are offered multiple times per week and surrounding clubs. Whether you’re coming from home or the office, checking out the WoW app with just a few clicks can help you quickly find an upcoming class.
  • WoWzers Like You.
    That’s right, what makes Zumba and Group Groove at WoW so great are our members Keeping Jersey Strong and dancing for their health! If you’ve been to any WoW classes you’ll know Group Training communities build fast and friendships in class build even faster. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first class or you feel like you could compete in a salsa competition, everyone in class has the common goal to have a great time and feel good while doing it!

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