Our Best Fitness Blog Posts from 2016

best fitness blogs.jpgWe wanted to take this opportunity to give all our regular readers a big shout out! Thank you for your support this past year. We’ve produced a lot of content and have gotten some great feedback from our fans.

Below are our best fitness blog posts from 2016. Check out the ones you may have missed and be sure to share, share, share across social media.

1. WoW’s Weight Loss Success Stories: Cindy Lost 150lbs and Counting!

It’s no surprise that this is one of our most-viewed posts of the year. Cindy’s story is incredibly inspiring. This single mom and teacher wanted to lose weight to improve her health, increase her overall energy, and get back into the dating scene. She worked with WoW personal trainer Derek Flodmand and quickly started making progress. Check out the rest of Cindy’s story here, including a video of Cindy talking about her experience.

2. Make These Fast: 3 Easy, Healthy Meals

Hey, we don’t judge around here. We love easy, too! Especially when there’s an added dose of healthy to boot. This post covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a great one to follow as you start making your resolutions for 2017.

3. Avoid These Foods During a Weight Loss Challenge

Another good one to keep handy as we head into the new year. This article reminds us about the foods that are sure to doom your weight-loss efforts (think frozen meals, snack bars and juice in particular).

4. Seven Mistakes that Keep You from Losing Belly Fat

The article starts out like this: “Oh, belly fat! You saucy little minx, you! We try so hard to slay the belly fat monster, but sometimes it’s just so hard. But forge on, we must.” No wonder it hooked so many readers! Of course, the seven bits of sound advice that followed also helped elevate this to one of our all-star posts for the year.

5. Three Exercises for Belly Fat that Aren’t Crunches

Are you sensing a theme here? Y’all were into flatter bellies this year, not that we blame you. And with the three exercises highlighted in this post, no doubt many of you are well on your way.

6. Super Fast Weight Loss: What You Should Keep in Mind

We get it: you want to lose weight as quickly as possible. Here’s the thing, though: losing weight too quickly can do more harm than good. This article provides good reminders about how to safely lose weight.

7. Gym Club Etiquette Everyone Should Follow

Test yourself and see if you’re committing any of these fitness club “sins” (and then, of course, please stop!).

8. The Best Group Exercise Classes for Beginners

We’re happy that this post has performed so well. See, we were all beginners, at some point. There’s no shame in that. Better to give something new a try, right? So if you’re new to group exercise, check out these suggestions, and sign up!

9. The Best Core Exercises for Beginners

Continuing with the beginner’s theme, this article gives three excellent options to take for a spin in 2017.

10. The Workout World Mobile App

We’re thrilled so many of you have downloaded our new app. If you haven’t yet, this post will walk you through everything you need to know. In 2016, we made many investments in technology to better serve our members, so it’s no wonder that the article on our new membership software rollout had the most views in 2016, followed closely by this follow-up post

On behalf of all of us at Workout World, we wish you a joyful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2017!