How a Fashion Designer Encourages Healthy Weight Loss

60 Models 12 Sizes.jpgOften times healthy weight loss is judged by a number on the scale, or a size printed on a tag. Instead of applying value to these numbers, it’s important to understand weight loss is much more than seeing numbers fluctuate. One fashion designer challenged stereotypes and the numbers we use as a measurement for not only our clothing but our goals.  

The Truth About Healthy Weight Loss

One fashion designer challenged the fashion, and even the fitness industry, by dressing several women in the same size and photographing them. What it created is a beautiful illustration of how women are much more than a number on a label, or even a number on a scale when it comes to weight loss. Women of the same size, wear the same pieces of clothing differently. A simple project displays the beauty and importance of embracing your own body’s build and your own personal style. 

Have you ever set your goal to reach a certain weight or fit into a specific size? These types of goals can be incredibly damaging. Clothing sizes were just a way of measurement, that have not only changed throughout the years, but also can vary from each designer. They also don’t take into account a person’s specific body type. Cuts and designs of clothing sometimes do not fit a mold of standard size, and using that as a measurement for your own achievements is not realistic. 

Ask any weight lifter, muscle indeed weighs more that fat. Which is why a lot of people strength training find that the number on the scale does not decrease as they increase their exercise. Instead of measuring your achievement by a number, judge your accomplishment by your energy level, skin improvement, healthier eating habits, or the way your clothes fit, rather than the number on them. 

Healthy weight loss is more than just hitting a goal weight, just as clothing is more than numbered sizes. It is the way you feel, in both clothing and a workout, buidling confidence in yourself and your improvements. Get moving to hit goals that truly matter, play with your kids, walk the parking lot without getting winded, or rock an outfit without the Spanx! 

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