Fitness News! What We Have In-Store for 2017

Well, hello 2017!

The fitness world only has a few constants. One of those constants is that it never stops changing. Here’s a sneak-peek at a few things we have in store for 2017.

Let’s start with a review of our various membership options…

Membership Options

From a no-frills, bare-bones Basic membership — straight through to the VIP+ membership, we’ve got you covered. Do you love group classes and want access to all of our clubs? Then our Fitness Membership is right for you! Do you want the whole kit and caboodle, including Studio Classes and special Guest Privileges? Our VIP+ Membership does just that! Call your local club and find out what membership suits you best.

Please keep in mind, as I said before—we are ever-evolving, so pricing, classes, services, guest privileges and access may change over the course of the year to better suit the needs of our club members!

Our VIP+ Membership provides unlimited access to our XLabs suite of studio classes, which includes: X-Boot, X-Barre, X-Knockout, and X-TRX—professionally advised, small-studio classes where you develop your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability all simultaneously. You’ll never get bored with motivating trainers coaching you every step of the way and workouts that change weekly. From beginner to advanced, you will work at your own pace, seeing results after every workout! Click the photo below to learn more!


You may also be wondering, “What do you offer in terms of group classes.” Glad you asked!


Work Out World’s mission is to provide various guided workouts designed to help members achieve their goals. That is why you will find small and large group training, from Bootcamp and Cycle to Yoga and Kickboxing. It’s not a matter of just providing something for everyone, it’s the decision to provide each member with the opportunity to meet their goals, whether it’s to lose 5 pounds, 50 pounds, lift heavier, or to really run that marathon.

“Anything else, you say?” Of course! Our specialty, and what we hang our hats on, is our Personal Training. With personal training (PT), you receive your own individual coach, who will hold you accountable and bring you through fully-customized workouts to get you the fastest and safest results possible. Our Trainers are educated and passionate about what they do—exactly the type of person you want helping you achieve your goals.

That’s not all!

New Mobile App

We’ve also rolled out a new app, which is available for both iPhone and Android, and boy, is it chock-full of useful enhancements! Please read below to learn about some of the new capabilities, as well as instruction on how to download and the manage the application.


If you have the old WoW app, it’s best to delete that from your device now.

This will help avoid future confusion, as the old app has been fully discontinued and will no longer contain updated or accurate information.

The new app is available (free) for download for iPhone and Android.



Right after you download the app, you will be prompted to say “OK” to notifications and alerts from the app. Be sure to say “OK” to this prompt.

These notifications are a key component to the way the app works and will help you get the most out of the convenience and benefits it provides.

After you create a new account for the app, then you’ll want to sign-in to be able manage your membership account from within the app.

Logging-in to manage your membership account through the app is what allows you to register for Group Classes and XLab Classesand it’s also what enables you to update information on your account, make payments, run usage reports, etc.

The app currently has the following features, with additional  enhancements coming.

View class schedules, see current promotions, reserve classes, log your workouts, set goals, access fitness and nutrition tips, plus a bunch more!


We’re excited to extend news of the Work Out World Mobile App to you, and we’re even more excited for you to start using it and to start enjoying the convenience and benefits of it.

What Else You Can Get From a Work Out World Membership

Unlimited Access to all 11 WoW Locations

  • You get full, unlimited access to every club we have. Just pick a home club to get started as soon as you get your membership card, use them all!

Unlimited Babysitting for Your Children

  • It’s hard to workout when you have kids, but not at WoW! Let our experienced babysitting staff watch over your little ones while you get your workout in. Our babysitting centers are clean and FUN! We’ll bet that they ask you to bring them back again and again!

Unlimited Tanning for You

  • Why pay extra for tanning sessions at a tanning salon?  At WoW, free unlimited sessions in our state-of-the-art tanning booths are part of your membership!


Don’t wait until “tomorrow”! Your tomorrow begins now!