How to Increase Cardio at the Gym If You Hate Running

group_cycleWe get it — running isn’t for everyone. But that’s not the only way you can get your cardio in. Simply jogging around the block can be dull and just plain boring, so coming up with different ways to keep yourself interested can be a feat in and of itself. Looking for different workouts that can burn calories AND be fun? Read on! 

It’s no surprise one of our favorite indoor cardio workouts is cycling. If you’re an outdoor cyclist, cycling helps ensure you don’t miss a beat of training during the heat of the summer. If you are looking to beat boredom on the treadmill, the cycle room is one of the best places you could stumble into. Why? With Group RIDE, you are in control of the intensity of your ride, as an instructor guides you to keep you motivated—all the while, music is set to really keep the momentum going! What more could you ask for?

row_machineBy now you’ve probably heard how resistance training is great for reaching your goals, but if you’re already weight training and looking for cardio as well, a row machine may be the answer you’ve been searching for. Every rowing stroke is essentially broken down into a leg press, dead lift, and a row, so as you get a full body workout you’re also kicking up your heart rate. Without pounding on a treadmill belt, you can also cut back on the impact on your legs.

Want to kick up the intensity without spending 45 minutes on cardio equipment? Plyometrics incorporates simple moves, into a fast and furious workout that will have you sweating off that pumpkin pie in no time. Explosive exercises like jump squats, single leg hops, and jumping jacks are the kinds of movements that you will find in a plyometrics workout to both increase your cardio endurance and strength.

jump_ropeJump roping is great if you’re pressed for time and want to work up a sweat quickly. This may sound like an easy workout but you will be surprised how much this can take out of you. An increased heart rate speeds up your metabolism which in turn creates fat loss. Doing different combinations of jump rope speeds, routines and rest periods helps to create a unique program each time.

One example of a quick workout could a 50-100 jump rope session. You can even incorporate jump roping in between weight training sets. This specific exercise is not only efficient, but convenient because it can be done just about anywhere-all you need is a rope.

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