How Can Introverts Be Successful at the Gym?

Introvert at the GymIf you’re an introvert who is new to the gym, the hordes of people lifting weights, attending group classes, working with personal trainers, and spotting each other can seem… Overwhelming. So much so that you may feel tempted to stick to the “safe zones”, like jogging on the treadmill and your usual work out machines.

Or worse – you may be tempted to skip the gym altogether.

But a varied, regular workout is critical to seeing long-lasting results. Here at WoW, we know that everyone benefits from a unique approach to working out. We also know that – while the statistic varies by resource – about half of the world’s population are introverts.

First, let’s talk about what it means to be an introvert at the gym.

People often confuse introversion with shyness. But they are actually quite different. Here is the core difference between extroverts and introverts:

  • An extrovert draws energy, inspiration, and motivation from the people around them.
  • An introvert draws energy, inspiration, and motivation from within themselves.

Shyness, at its core, is a fear of interacting with other people. So, both extroverts and introverts can exhibit shyness. But not all introverts are shy. In fact, many introverts have large groups of friends and enjoy exciting social engagements inside and outside of the gym. The difference is, an introvert may feel mentally exhausted after the social engagement, where an extrovert will feel invigorated by it.

On this same token — Not all group classes work well for introverts.

Group classes such as Boot Camp and Knock Out might not be the best choice for an introvert. This is because the foundation of these classes is to draw energy and motivation from those around you. Group motivation classes work really well for extroverts. But an introvert may feel overwhelmed and mentally exhausted after one of these workouts.

The combination of physical fatigue and mental fatigue may lead introverts to believe that ALL group classes are not a good fit for them. But this is not the case. Instead, introverts will find more value from group classes that allow them to focus on their own internal energy for motivation. With that in mind…

Here are the best group classes for Introverts at the gym:

  • Group Ride – Group ride takes the joy of biking outdoors – indoors.  This class is incredible for both extroverts and introverts. But Introverts will thrive on the ability to adjust the resistance of the bike to their unique level. And while you may find the energy of those around you to be inspiring, ultimately the ride is personalized to your own fitness pace. With upbeat music blasting, there is no better way to turn your attention inward to focus on stamina, speed, and strength.
  • Group Yoga – Yoga is the perfect group class for introverts because it’s designed to align your body, mind, and spirit. Through the discipline of yoga, you will build strength, flexibility, and endurance. With a variety of classes from beginner to advanced, introverts can thrive from an internalized, quiet environment that allows them to focus and draw motivation from within.  
  • Group Pilates – Pilates has long been a favorite choice of introverts. Small, controlled movements are the foundation of this class. Pilates helps you strengthen, lengthen and tone all your body’s key areas. Because the class is applicable to all fitness levels, you can attend any class and get a good workout. But ultimately, the class is focused on your own personal strength.
  • R30 – For intense cardio and stamina, introverts will get the workout of a lifetime with an R30 class. With short, fast-paced intervals of surges, power, and rush, this class is designed to help everyone get in their own personal zone.

The best way to develop a personalized plan is by working with one of our incredible personal trainers. Our trainers can help you design an exercise plan that is specific your needs, so that you can come to the gym and work out confidently and independently.