5 Recipes to Eat More Vegetables for Adults That Hate Vegetables

Eat_more_vegetablesWe all remember being a little kid who scrunched up our nose whenever our parents presented a plate loaded with peas, broccoli, or worse, asparagus. (What even is asparagus, anyway?)

Some of you grew out of that phase. Some of you love buying vegetables at the supermarket. You are the lucky ones.

If you struggle to add veggies to your diet – either because you hate the taste, or you can no longer justify spending money on vegetables you know will just rot in your fridge from your extreme aversion – then this post is for you.

We’ve put together a collection of veggie-packed recipes that are deliciously-disguised to cater to all the veggie-haters out there. So, happily put that asparagus in your shopping basket. Your parents will be proud!

  • Spicy Texas Caviar

A staple for any backyard barbeque, or lazy Sunday, spicy Texas caviar presents you with the opportunity to mask the taste of those nasty vegetables in a fiery, flavorful, cumin-and-vinegar packed mixture. Not a fan of Italian dressing? Try switching it out with a savory balsamic glaze for a slightly-sweet finish.

Get the recipe here.

  • Bolognese Sauce with Hidden Vegetables

Cater to the inner-child by hiding some nose-scrunching leek, onion, celery, and bell peppers in this savory, meat-flavored sauce. Hints of apple and balsamic vinegar give this dish all the masking you need to happily consume those hidden vegetables.

Get the recipe here.

  • Minestrone Soup that Will Make You Love Spinach

Did you grow up saying “no thanks” to spinach – even if it would make you big and strong like Popeye? This Italian staple will have you saying “bring it on!” with hidden spinach, zucchini, and celery. Slow-roasting this soup brings all the flavors together, so you can enjoy vegetables masked by delicious black pepper, thyme, and hint of grated Parmesan.

Get the recipe here.

  • Gluten Free Quiche with Polenta Crust

This dish will make you say “more please!” to vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and mushrooms. Just trust us. With a flavor-packed polenta crust, Dijon mustard, and fresh basil, this quiche will have you eating vegetables for breakfast in no time.

Get the recipe here.

  • Homemade Hummus

Can’t stand the taste of raw vegetables? Cover up the flavor with this delicious, easy recipe for homemade hummus. Slather that broccoli stalk in hummus and you’ll be a veggie-lover in seconds. The key here is to add a little extra cumin or paprika – and a couple extra pinches of ground black pepper. These spices will hit your palate first, disguising everything you hate about vegetables.

Get the recipe here.

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