Six Yoga Moves to Help You Wake Up and Seize the Day

Yoga_MorningNot a morning person? Trust us, you are not alone! But when it comes to starting your day off right, nothing gets the mind and body limber and ready faster than yoga. Here are some yoga poses that can kickstart your morning, but can also serve as a midday pick-me-up. Get ready to seize the day!

1. Warrior I

Warrior strengthens1_Warrior_1 your legs and hips to help aid balance.  If you need some extra help, you can do this pose against a wall to start out.  We’ll explain how to do it on a wall – and if you feel like you have this, just ditch the wall and do the same moves!

Face a wall, extending your legs out. The toes on one foot should touch the wall, while the other leg is stretched behind you, with the toes pointed out. Your hips should face the wall. Stretch your arms out straight, raising them just enough up that you can touch the wall – keep your shoulders down though! Bend your front knee – it should form a right angle. Come back up to a straight line. Repeat a few times, and then switch legs!

 2. Bridge

A_BridgePoseThe advantage of the Bridge pose is that it strengthens all of the muscles in your hips, core, and legs – precisely the main muscles that could lead to a fall.

Lie on your back with your head on the floor (you can use a mat, or a thick blanket to pad you). Place your hands on your side, with palms down.  Your knees should be pointed to the ceiling, with your core tucked tight. Lift your pelvis, and hold this for at least five seconds before lowering back down to the floor. Repeat 5-15 times.

 3. Downward Dog

AA_DownwardDogDownward Dog is another easily adaptable pose. Don’t feel comfortable going to the floor? Instead place your hands on a chair, and keep the same lines.

Start this pose on your hands and knees. Your knees should be directly under your hips, while your hands should be just in front of your shoulders. Push up just enough so that your weight is on your hands and your feet, and your hips are in the air. Don’t lock those knees, but keep your legs straight and palms flat. Hold those pose for at least 30 seconds before returning to the floor.

 4. Extended Triangle

AA_Extended_TriangleExtended Triangle is great for your hips  – but it’s also great for stretching your legs, ad helping with back pain. That’s enough of a reason for anyone to try it, right?

Stand with your legs about hip distance apart. Keep your hands at your sides. Turn your right foot out into a 90 degree angle, and raise your arms out to the side about shoulder height so that they’re parallel to the floor. Keep your palms down!  For the next part, your legs shouldn’t move – just your core! Stretch and reach your right hand down towards your ankle, letting your left hand reach up towards the ceiling.  Hold for 30 seconds, then release by lowering your arms, and twist your torso back. Repeat on the other side!

 5. Tree Pose

AA_TreePoseTree pose is the first pose people suggest for balance. The great thing about it is that you can easily adjust this to different comfort levels. If you need to use a chair to help stabilize you, you can!

Get into tree pose by standing with your legs together. Raise your arms over your head, and place your palms together.  Raise one leg off the ground just enough to keep your toes on the ground – your heel should touch the inside of your ankle. Now, hold that pose! After 15-45 seconds, switch to the other leg.  Once you get more advanced, you can try pulling your foot higher up on your leg, but take it slow for now!

 6. Chair

1_ChairPoseThis one is pretty easy – and adjustable! If you need to, you can place your back against a wall if you need extra support, and even roll a towel to squeeze between your knees. Chair helps to strengthen your core, as well as your leg muscles for extra stability.

Stand with your feet at a hip width’s apart. Extend your arms straight in front of you. Then pretend you have a chair behind you, and “sit” as low as you can. If you’re using the wall, slide your back down the wall and then sit, as if you’re sitting into a chair.

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