9 Exercises You Can Do in Only 20 Minutes

20 Minute ExcercisesWe get it – finding time to work out is not always easy. With work and other commitments, squeezing in a gym session can seem overwhelming. Here at Jersey Strong, we know that prioritizing your health and fitness is crucial, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite exercises from the Jersey Strong Blog that you can complete in just 20 minutes or less.

  • Target Your Back Muscles – Zero-in on your back muscles with these four fundamental back exercises. This is especially important for people that sit for most of the day. Ignoring your back muscles can lead to poor posture, soreness, and limited muscle movement.
  • Get to Your First Pull Up – You don’t need a ton of time to work your way toward your first pull up. Implement these simple, quick exercises into your daily workout routine and you’ll be cranking out pull ups in no time.
  • Get a Firmer Butt While Brushing Your Teeth – We aren’t kidding. In the time it takes you to brush your teeth, you could be working your way to a firmer tush. Try these four butt exercises today (no equipment required).
  • Try these Beginner Butt Exercises – If you’ve got 10 minutes left at the gym, don’t waste it. Try one of these awesome glute-busting butt exercises.
  • Target your Upper Arms in Just Minutes – Getting toned arms can be as simple as including these exercise reps into your daily routine. With three different ways to target your upper arms, you’ll be feeling the burn in no time.
  • Get a Firmer Core – Change up your usual crunches with these incredible core exercises for beginners. Simple variations can get you that washboard look without needing to spend hours on the floor.
  • Get Fit at the Office – That’s right. Simply dedicate 20 minutes on your lunch break to fitness and you can turn your cubicle into your personal gym with these office-friendly exercises.
  • Hop on the Treadmill and Avoid These Mistakes – Could you be getting more from your treadmill workout? Set the timer for 20 minutes, avoid these common errors, and you’ll get even more from your cardio time.
  • Get Firmer Legs – Never skip leg day with these three incredible exercises that target your leg muscles. From calf to butt, you’ll be getting maximum results in minimal time.

What’s the best way to get Jersey Strong in just minutes? Work with one of our certified, professional and motivating Personal Trainers. Not only will you learn exercises you can do from the gym, the office, and at home, but you’ll get the accountability and support you need to be crushing your goals every day.

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