Three Secrets to Boosting Your Endurance

running on pavement

If you’ve already logged quite a few running miles, you may be looking to better your performance rather than tackling your first event. Runners could be looking to boost endurance in different ways, whether by speed and a faster time, or by running a longer distance. Luckily, with the right workout for your goals and running style, you can work to improve on endurance specifically or all around. The important factor is to know what is the best plan for your own body. We have three plans that have given many runners success for both speed and distance – see what plan works for you!

Build Endurance to Run Faster and Longer

jogging womanGradually Increase. Yes, this is a true training plan simply because it has worked time and time again for so many runners. Anyone who once started running probably didn’t even start with running, but instead walking. Increase your distance gradually and be patient with yourself to adjust to a new distances. For example, maybe you can only run strong for 15 minutes. Create interval workouts running 15 minutes, then walking several minutes to work up to your goal of a longer run. You will find yourself increasing your running distance and even speed over time as your body gradually adapts to the time. To increase running distance, try adding a half mile or full mile to your training every week, depending on your level, with 4 running days per week.

Slow and steady. When training to improve on time, runners can risk over training and injury. A training guide that works for many is to instead run long and slow rather than working on tempo runs or speed workouts. With more of a modest pace as opposed to incorporating training runs at race pace, runners can gain endurance while staying injury free and still be ready to improve on race day.

Portrait of a fitness man workout with dumbbells at gymIntense workouts. Not that every run isn’t intense in that you’re working toward your goal, but if you want to cut down on run days, running 3 days a week can be beneficial as long as you are truly making every workout count! If long runs aren’t your thing, this 3 day running plan could be for you. Your three runs would consist of a tempo run, a speed workout, and one long run, combined with your non-running days as cross training with a workout other than running. These various three run days give you a chance to switch up your workouts to avoid getting bored during training.

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