11 Midnight Snacks (For Every Craving) That Won’t Derail Your Diet

It’s late. You’re lying in bed staring at the ceiling and it hits: that undeniable craving that’s haunted you for years. Maybe you’ve got a sweet tooth, or you can’t resist a late-night salty-snack. Don’t panic. If you’re going to reach for a snack, make sure you choose one that won’t leave you feeling guilty the next morning. Here are midnight snacks for every craving that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for sleep.

Midnight Snacks for Your Sweet Tooth:

  • Peanut Butter Banana Snacks.pngFrozen Banana Peanut Butter Sandwiches: This is one of our favorite midnight snacks. Sometimes a frozen treat is just what you need before you hit the hay. First, make some space in your freezer for a 12×12 baking sheet, or a sturdy ceramic plate. Line the plate with tinfoil for easy clean-up. Slice two bananas into ¾ inch slices. Then, place a layer of your favorite peanut butter on one slice. Top it off with another. Line your banana sandwiches on your lined plate. Then freeze for at least four hours. Voila! It tastes as good as ice cream, without the calories. Trust us.
    Photo Credit: notenoughcinnamon.com 
  • Frozen Grapes – This easy and inexpensive snack is perfect for your late-night sweet craving. Break a handful or two of your favorite grapes off the vine. Throw them into a Tupperware container and put in the freezer overnight.
  • Protein Power Balls – These no bake energy bites are perfect for a midnight protein snack. The perfect balance of protein and sweetness make these bites irresistible (and diet friendly). Get the recipe from GIMME SOME OVEN here.
  • Siggi’s Yogurt – This Icelandic-style yogurt is available at most specialty-food shops and supermarkets. With more protein than sugar, but a sweet satisfying taste, this yogurt is a perfect alternative to ice cream.

Midnight Snacks for Your Salty Fix

  • Skinny Pop Popcorn.pngPopcorn – If you enjoy mindless snacking while you catch up on your favorite TV show, popcorn is a great low-calorie, salty snack for late-night craving. Choose a popcorn that isn’t slathered in fake butter. We love Skinny Pop microwavable options made with sea salt. This innovative snack pops up into it’s own popcorn bowl. Perfect for lazy snacking without the guilt.
  • Edamame with Sea Salt – If you can’t get enough salt in your life, than steamed edamame with a sprinkling of sea salt is a perfect late-night option. Edamame is packed with 17 grams protein. Best of all, each half cup of edamame is only 95 calories.
  • Pepitas or Sunflower Seeds– Pumpkin Seeds and sunflower seeds are the perfect late night snack when you just want a handful of deliciousness before bed. With 12 grams of protein, this salty snack is packed with enough healthy fat to leave you feeling full. The lightly toasted and salted varieties won’t throw you off your diet.
  • Pistachios – We love pistachios as a late night snack. That’s because if you get the shelled variety, it slows down your consumption. You’ve got to work for those delicious green nuts! The controlled pace allows you to snack mindlessly, but also concentrate on not over-eating. Best of all, pistachios are packed with calcium, iron, and vitamin B-6.

Midnight Snacks for the Chocolate-Fanatic

  • Frozen Dark Chocolate Chunks – If you can’t get enough chocolate in your life, then break your favorite dark chocolate bar into small 1-inch bites. Then toss them in the freezer. Freezing the chocolate makes it a bit harder to eat, so it lasts longer. That way, you aren’t mindlessly mowing down on chocolate.
  • Chocolate Protein Waffles.pngToast with Hazelnut Spread – Sure, hazelnut spread isn’t exactly chocolate, but it has enough cocoa powder to be close. Instead of eating a pint of ice cream, toast a piece of your favorite low-sugar bread, and add a thin layer of hazelnut spread. You’ll feel full and get your fix without the regret.
  • Chocolate Protein Waffles – We love this recipe from KETOGASM for delicious, healthy chocolate protein waffles. When you’re craving breakfast at midnight, these waffles can help you increase your protein intake and get your chocolate fix at the same time.