Travel Workouts That Will Keep You On Track

hotel_workout.jpgDoing a lot of traveling? Is it messing with your exercise routines? Not to worry. Here are some travel workouts and fitness tips to follow.

Do the seven-minute workout. The seven-minute workout is perfect for busy travelers with hectic schedules. The best part? You can do this circuit almost anywhere. The only “equipment” you need is a chair (or a step) and a wall. This workout tones muscles and even gets your heart rate pumping thanks to the running in place and jumping jacks. 

Keep resistance bands in your luggage. Exercise bands are easy to pack and easy to use. The Greatist has an excellent list of 33 resistance band exercises you can do literally anywhere. In other words, no more excuses!

Check out the hotel fitness facilities. Most hotels have some sort of fitness facility. No, it probably won’t offer everything you’re used to in a place like Jersey Strong, but at the very least, you’ll likely find a treadmill and some weight machines. Take advantage of them. Even a shorter, modified workout is better than no workout, right?

Hit the pool! And remember that it only counts if you decide to jump in and actually swim. Yes, we understand lounging poolside can work up a sweat, but you need to do a different type of sweating. So dive on in and swim some laps.

Do laps around the airport. If you’re stuck in the airport, the worst thing you can do is sit—especially at a bar or restaurant where mindless eating and drinking can take over. Airports are BIG places. Take advantage of the surface area and do some brisk walking (always pack some sneakers when you travel). Here are five fun airport exercises that you can do while you wait.

Choose standing over sitting. Dr. Weil explains why standing is always the better option: “Even if you get regular exercise, prolonged sitting can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity. When you are inactive for long periods of time, your body’s metabolism slows down; this can lead to weight gain.”

So if you find yourself sitting a lot—in the car, the airport, a conference room, the hotel—make the effort to get up regularly and move around. Even if it’s just a trip the restroom, the balcony, the lobby, or whatever. This is true in general, not just when you’re traveling. But we tend to do a lot of sitting when we travel, so get up and move around whenever possible.

Leverage the heck out of short breaks. Even a five-minute break can provide a great opportunity to do some exercise. No, you might not work up a sweat (and if you’re in a business setting, you might not want to anyway). But even simple stretches can boost energy and ease common ailments, such as back pain. Web MD offers 12 simple stretches you can do almost anywhere.

Be gentle with yourself if you miss a couple of days. Listen, life happens. Even with the best intentions, you might find yourself locked in a conference room for ten hours followed by a three-hour client dinner followed by an email catch-up session followed by a crash into the hotel bed for a few hours of sleep. Missing a day or two of exercise isn’t going to kill you.

The key is making sure you resume your regular regimen when you return to a normal schedule back home. Working with a personal trainer or having a workout buddy can be critical to this process. Being accountable to someone other than yourself can help you get back in the swing of things quickly.