The Best Headphones to Wear to the Gym Based on Reviews

We’ve all been there: you’re working your way through your last squat set  and your power playlist on Spotify is getting you through. Then, all of the sudden, your headphone falls out and throws off your groove.

Or worse: you’re working through your favorite routine on a machine and the wire catches and rips the headphone jack out of your very expensive phone.  

Headphone tragedies happen at every gym location every day. To help you stay in the zone, we put together a list of the most popular workout headphones by average customer review on Amazon. Whether you’re looking to go wireless, or just have something that hooks more firmly around your ear, we’ve found headphones for every solution (and every budget).

Tonicstar HIFI Stereo Headphones

Tonicstar headphonesThese sweat-proof headphones are designed for use during cardio. With a sleek design to fit snugly in your ear, and high fidelity stereo sound, you can stay in stride with ease. One of the best features of this set is that the ear pieces are magnetized. When you’re not using them, they can attach together securely around your neck. No more trailing headphones like a sad, wiry cape while you run!

Here’s what customers are saying:

Very very happy with these. I even bought a second pair in a different color. Compare it to any other similar product (same price range) and you will see the difference! One thing I really like is they come with 3 sizes silicone type earbud (small, medium, big) so you can adjust them to your liking. I use the bigger ones as they silence better everything around and my music have more base.I prefer them to my Apple ones (sound/comfort wise) even if they don’t have volume controls. – Client d’Amazon


Hhusali Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Hhusali bluetooth headphonesThese headphones are perfect for power lifting, or any sports activity where you can’t have a wire hanging down your core. With sweat-proof technology and a state of the art earphone design, these headphones stay securely in place (and out of the way) while you exercise. Each charge gives you up to 8 hours of music time. Best of all? You can be up to 30 feet away from your phone or music device and still get crystal-clear sound. These headphones are a bit more expensive than your run-of-the-mill brand, but are a great investment.

Here’s what customers are saying:

Brilliant product. Feels robust and has decent sound quality for the average music listener.Earphones work really well, the sound is very clear and they hold their charge well you won’t find a better product for the price! – Daniel S.


Q-YEE Wired Sports Headphones

Q-yee wired headphonesThese noise-canceling earbuds are designed to connect you to your music with a snug fit. With an over-the-ear design and easy control buttons you can adjust volume, change songs, and answer calls all from the same headphone. Stop worrying about your headphones ripping out of your ear. These ultra-lightweight headphones are perfect for any budget. Sweat-proof design makes these headphones perfect for cardio or HIIT training.

Here’s what customers are saying:

I purchased this item a while ago, and I loved it. One day, suddenly it disappeared! Since I did not want to spend one day without my earbuds, I ordered same one again. While second one is on the way, I noticed that i forgot this buddy in my short, and it went through laundry, washed and dried. After I took it out from my pocket, I was pretty sure it was distorted. Because I know previously I forgot my iPhone earbuds in my pants, and after laundry it was unusable. But guess what? It was totally cleaned and shiny and was working as first day! I could not believe it. – Sarah H.


SENSO Bluetooth and Sweat-Proof Headphones

SENSO bluetooth headphonesIf you’re tired of lengthy cords holding you back (and are on a limited budget), these headphones are perfect for you. With HD high fidelity sound and a waterproof design, these headphones can run for a full 8 hours with only a 1.5 hour charge. They boast the same capabilities of many popular brands, but are a fraction of the cost. Connect to any Bluetooth capable device up to 30 feet away and enjoy secure connection to your favorite beats.

Here’s what customers are saying:

These are the third pair of wireless headphones I got (after returning the first two) and I absolutely love them. I’m a runner and have taken them on just a couple of runs so far (~10 miles), but they’ve stood up to sweat as well as to the constant motion. Things that I love about these:
1. Sound Quality – Bass, mids and heights all sound awesome. Who knew that I didn’t have to give up quality sound on a run (at this price)?
2. They don’t move around while running – an earlier pair that I returned had to be adjusted a lot
3. The wires do not stick to the back of my neck as I sweat – again, the other pair stuck to my neck and pulled on one earbud or the other. I had to put the wire to the front of my neck with that other pair to avoid this annoying feature.
– Jay R.