Sticking To Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

insta-103.jpgDid you know the most common New Year’s Resolutions every year are tied to health and fitness? Chances are, you’ve started off the year thinking about your own fitness levels. But what happens after the first month of the year? It’s estimated that 88% of people break their resolutions before the year ends – you don’t want to be one of them, right?

The million-dollar question is:  how can you make your goals stick?  Our first tip  – spell out your goals specifically! It’s easy to give up when your goals are a generic “lose weight” or “gain muscle”. After all, how will you know when you’ve achieved enough of either to be progress – or to even complete your fitness resolution? Instead, make sure your goals are specific like “Lose twenty pounds” or “Be able to complete X fitness routine”.  Even better is if you add a date that you’d like to accomplish these by. If your goal is “lose twenty pounds before the end of June”, you know that to stay on progress, your monthly goal is about 3.5 pounds. If you’re not achieving that at the end of the month, time to try something new!

Next? Check in with yourself regularly!  It’s easier to stay on track when you track it yourself.  Set a reminder on your phone, or mark it on your calendar to check your progress. Hold yourself accountable! See how far you’ve come, and think about what you could do differently to improve your results for the upcoming week or month. If your goal is to lose weight, examples of what to check in with at the end of the week, include:

  • current weight
  • remeasuring your body 
  • how many times you worked out that week
  • how long you worked out each time
  • what you ate

You could even think about what workouts you did, and if you think they were as productive as you’d like. If you’re on week 3 and your weight change is different, then you’ll know the diet and exercise plan of the week before may produce better results.

It can also help to see your progress – mark off days you workout on the calendar so you can actually see how often you’re making it in to the gym. Post pictures of yourself on a mirror (or somewhere you look at often) so you can see the before and after results. It sounds cheesy, but it really does work.

Need extra accountability? Join an exercise class. Your classmates and instructor will be accustomed to seeing you – and they’ll help keep you motivated to stay on track! An exercise buddy can prove just as fruitful! If you’d like even more accountability, invest in a personal trainer. They can work with you to keep you on target, as well as changing your plan to keep you motivated and interested. 

So, repeat after me: this is the year I am going to achieve my health resolutions!

Say it until you believe it – we already believe it for you!

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