Rookie Mistakes All Beginners Make During Group Fitness

IMG_6379.jpgIt can be intimidating to walk into your first group fitness class and not be quite sure what to expect. More importantly, we love when newcomers face this fear and come ready for a group fitness party anyway. If you’re ready to get in on the group fitness action, avoid these common mistakes to ensure a fun, stress-free class. 

Your Guide to Your First Group Fitness Class

Bringing your phone to class. Once you step inside the group fitness studio, the next 30-60 minutes is set aside just for class. Don’t interrupt class by having your notifications beeping or missed calls ringing. Keep your phone in your locker and check after class.

Taking up space with your gym bag. You have to leave immediately after class so bringing your gym bag to the room won’t hurt anyone, right? It’s a common thought, but if everyone has the same idea, those bags can take up a lot of space on the studio floor. If someone happens to trip over it, it really will hurt someone. Find out what is required for class, some classes require a towel or gloves, and bring only class essentials to the studio.

Making up your own class times. Warm ups and warm downs are designed into class time for a reason. A slower warm up and post workout stretching help make the most of the core workout as well as prevent injury. Arrive early to set up your station, and leave once class is concluded, cool down and all. 

Becoming your own choreographer. We love ambitious members that love their favorite exercise class just as much as we do. However, it’s important to follow the instructor’s choreography so other exercisers aren’t led astray and confused. You may have done similar exercises and combinations in other classes, but be considerate to other members trying to follow along and the instructor who worked hard at the choreography. Visit the studio outside of class hours for your own freestyle class.

Not communicating with the instructor. Often times instructors will ask if there is anyone new to the class. It’s understandable if you do not want attention drawn to you at the beginning of class, but know that the instructor asks this important question for a reason. They can check in on your progress or be aware to explain steps more than usual with a crowd of regulars. All of which are to help you have a more enjoyable class. If you have an injury, the instructor can provide modifications to exercises, or not immediately worry if you sit out a portion of the class. Let the instructor know before class begins if it is your first class or if you have a possible injury so you can get the most out of the workout.

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