Best Core Exercises For the Turf

Best_Core_Exercises_For_the_Turf.jpgSwitch up your workout by heading away from the machines and onto the turf to take advantage of some of the best core exercises. Not only will you build strength using new muscle groups, you’ll challenge your core with stability moves. Take it to the turf for your next ab workout!

Build Abs Fast with Core Exercises

Tire Flip. You don’t have to be preparing for the crossfit games to perform a tire flip. This exercise uses your leg and abdominal strength making it one of the best core exercises. Begin with feet shoulder width apart, squat down to get ready to lift the tire with an underhand grip. Keeping your weight in your heels, drive up bringing the tire, being sure to complete the motion by following your hips all the way forward to drive the tire up and over. Continue along the turf for a determined length. It’s important not to bend over to lift the tire, but squatting down keeping a flat back and high chest. 

Side-step squat. Not only does this exercise work your legs and glutes, but by keeping your core engaged to work your abdominals too we think it’s a triple threat. Set a determined distance for this exercise on the turf. Lower into a squat position and begin taking side steps. It’s really that easy! The challenge is to engage your core while staying in a seated squat position. That means your weight should be in your heels with your glutes down to avoid leaning your chest forward. Engage your core by imagining pulling your belly button to your back, without holding in your breath. 

Sled Pulls. Did you know running is the best ab workout? We love sled pulls because it ramps up heart rate, while strengthening the core. Attach a TRX strap to a sled with your desired weight. Facing the sled, lower into a squat and perform a row to pull the sled toward you. Repeat for ten rows down the turf for one set. Not only does the row movement engage your tricep and back muscle groups, the stabilization provides a serious ab workout! 

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