Small Group Training Expands with TRX Class

TRX_Training_8.jpgAs part of the continuing evolution of WoW, we are excited to bring a new small group training XLab studio class to club schedules. Learn the basics of TRX suspension training and build upon a strong foundation in our newest XLab class, X-TRX.

Learn Top TRX Workouts in Small Group Training

TRX is one of the most popular workouts, and now you can become a master yourself in our X-TRX classes. Classes accommodate exercisers of all levels, proving the versatility of TRX suspension training. TRX workouts can be easily modified to adapt to your physical fitness level. While you may start a beginner, simple adjustments to your exercises allow you to challenge your ability as you progress. Our trainers are excited to coach members of all levels in X-TRX!

TRX_Logo_Black_Yellow.jpgArriving November 1 to XLab schedules, X-TRX expands WoW’s efforts to constantly bring proven industry trends to members. WoW personal trainers have been working hard preparing to launch this new XLab class, so that members will receive instruction and coaching from trained professionals — honing the latest in proper form and technique.

Stay tuned for our Facebook Live event to launch X-TRX in all WoW gym locations and bring you a sneak peek of what you can expect! You can begin to schedule X-TRX classes as of November 1 and you can even try one for free if your membership doesn’t already include access!

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