Our Trainers Share Their Workout Snacks

bananas_oatmealWant to fuel your fitness but unsure of the best workout snacks? We went straight to the source and asked our personal trainers one of their most frequently asked questions. A lot of people trying to lose weight are afraid to eat around their workout, but the truth is that your body needs fuel to perform at a higher intensity level. To make the most of your workout and your fuel, these snacks will help you reach your goals, instead of slowing down the process.

The Best Snacks to Eat Before a Workout


  • If you want to fit in a morning workout, overnight oats will change your life. These oats give you a hearty breakfast, but just a few minutes of prep time the evening before allows you to open the fridge and dig in before your workout. Since you can make it yourself, you get to control the ingredients for taste, sugar and just how many carbs your workout requires. We love chocolate chia protein oats, or vanilla protein, oats and cinnamon topped with fresh strawberries!
  • An egg sandwich is an easy way to fuel your workout with protein. Hard boil eggs ahead of time, toast some whole grain bread, and top with sliced hard boiled eggs before your workout.
  • Another grab and go breakfast snack is a favorite; veggie egg-white omelet cups. We love this snack because it gives you protein and veggies in a single, handheld serving. Whether or not you warm it up, these little omelets made with your favorite veggies always hit the spot!


  • For a healthier version of a classic favorite, our go to is nut butter and jam on rice cakes. Eat open faced or put together as a sandwich. Either way, this crunchy and sweet post-workout snack is as satisfying as it is delicious.
  • If you’re looking for a more savory high protein snack, pack tuna salad with crackers or tortilla chips. Leave the fat out of your tuna salad by mixing with mustard instead of mayo.
  • A common post-workout snack amongst runners, chocolate milk gives you the protein and carbs needed to help you recover faster. Kick the protein level up a notch by using chocolate protein instead of a traditional sugary syrup.

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