Upper Arm Exercises Everyone Should Do


Upper_Arm_Exercises_Everyone_Should_Do.jpgWe’re ready to share the secrets to helping you with one of the most troublesome areas we’re often asked about. That’s right, these upper arm exercises will help you tighten, tone, and strengthen the one spot you just can’t seem to stop seeing the jiggle. 



The Best Exercises for Toned Arms

Cable Face Pulls. Cable machines are helpful to any arm workout circuit. Find and attach the v-shaped rope to a high cable pulley machine. The cable should be high enough to be even with your face. Hold each side of the rope with either hand, and pull towards you face, separating your hands so you can pull the rope past your face. Keep upper arms parallel to the ground, and return to the starting position for one rep.

Rear Delt Machine Flys. This assisted machine will help you tone an area often overlooked. Adjust the seat height so the handles are at shoulder level. Sit facing the machine, so the handles are directly in front of you. Keeping arms slightly bent, push your arms out to your sides so you perform a semi-cirlce motion and return to the starting position for one rep. 

Tricep pushdowns. Did you know your tricep makes up 2/3 of the arm? This tricep exercise is sure to have you losing that extra arm jiggle. Begin with a rope attachment to a high cable pulley. Stand in front and hold rope with an overhand grip. Pull rope down, moving ends slightly out to either side once in the lower position, only returning to elbow height for one rep. Perform ten reps per set. 

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