Advanced Weight Loss 101: Easy Steps to Lose Weight Fast

young woman jogging in city park at early morningWhen it comes to advanced weight loss, your approach should be more than just hitting the gym and eating healthier. Instead, you have to commit to a complete lifestyle change.

The only way to take your weight loss from a few pounds to the changes you really want to see is to change your habits for a lifetime.

What to keep in mind before starting your weight loss journey

Before you take drastic measures to achieve super fast weight loss results, remember the phrase, “if it were easy, anyone would do it!” Losing weight is tricky for so many people because the healthiest way to achieve results is by changing your day-to-day routine. Yes, fad diets and cleanses may help you slim down quickly. But if it’s not a realistic diet for you to stick with long-term, chances are you will gain the weight back, if not more. 

That’s a recipe for disaster not only for your physical health, but for your mental and emotional wellbeing as well. 

Losing weight too fast can also have a negative impact on your health as you force drastic changes to your body. You can put yourself at risk for side effects such as dehydration, gallstones, headaches, muscle loss and even dizziness and fatigue. 

Instead, aim to create a balanced lifestyle. Begin by combining regular exercise with a calorie-restricted, nutrient-dense diet. This approach has been shown to be sustainable, easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life, and extremely effective. Most importantly, the habits are easy to incorporate after you’ve reached your initial weight loss goal.

You don’t have to take drastic measures to see fast results. Embracing healthy changes into your lifestyle will bring positive changes sooner than you may expect, as long as you stay consistent.

Continue on the road to advanced weight loss with these simple changes, that can create long-term habits for a total lifestyle change.

Simple Tips for Advanced Weight Loss in Your Day-to-Day Routine

  • Start your day with protein. Start your day with a high protein breakfast, helping you stay fuller longer and avoid snacking. Protein is key to weight loss and muscle growth.
  1. Move whenever possible. It’s amazing what small changes can bring to your calorie-burning efforts. Try: taking the stairs any time there is the option to take them, parking your vehicle at the end of the parking lot to walk more, and add a 15-minute stroll to your lunch break. It’s also a good idea to invest in some free weights. Instead of sitting idly by during your favorite Netflix program, do some simple upper arm exercises. Trust us, it makes a difference! Did you know you can burn 120 calories with 30 minutes of thorough cleaning of your home?
  2. Snack smarter. If you have a dinner with friends planned, don’t wait hours to indulge in your night out. Have a protein shake before heading out so you can indulge, but won’t feel the need to devour the menu. Try keeping a protein bar in your purse, gym bag, or a compartment in your car can you help you when hunger hits to avoid the drive-thru or satisfy your sweet tooth.
  3. Drink more water. After your morning coffee or juice, stick to water. Drinking more water throughout your day will keep you energized, you may even find yourself skipping your afternoon coffee. Appropriate water intake is critical to sustainable weight loss. Dehydration can lead to you reaching for sugary snacks. Drink an entire glass of water before each meal or snack. You’ll have more energy and feel fuller faster. 
  4. Be consistent. Never miss more than two consecutive workouts. It is easy to have a rest day and get back on track. It’s also easy to miss three days and begin to feel like your progress is too far gone. By giving yourself a maximum amount of days you can skip for life happenings, you’ll stay consistent with your workouts. Sign up for regular classes, recruit an accountability buddy, or working with a personal trainer can help if you struggle with motivation. Downloading a workout app for your phone or printing a workout blueprint can help you stick to a consistent plan. 
  5. Go to the gym especially when you don’t want to. This is the best time to go because you will impress yourself the most. We all have the days where you just can’t find the energy to hit your workout. Instead of calling a skip day, lower your workout expectations and commit to even doing a low intensity workout. Chances are, once you get into your workout, your energy will increase and you’ll always feel much better about your decision. 
  6. Add more veggies to every meal. You can eat more when your meals are loaded with veggies because these high fiber foods will help you feel fuller longer and avoid eating more grains. Aim for steamed or boiled veggies and try to skip calorie-dense additives like sauce, cheese, or butter.
  1. Reinvest all the time you spend wishing you had a different body in positive activities. Nowadays it’s easy to get sucked into social media feeds. Imagine if you spent all the time scrolling through your Instagram feed and comparing yourself to other people at the gym instead? Any time you feel yourself falling down the social media rabbit hole, get up and move. Even a brisk 30-minute walk can burn significant calories.
  2. Hit the gym before you go out. Weekend workouts not only help you make smarter choices once you are out at a restaurant or bar, but will keep you committed to time management, a habit definitely needed when weight loss is a long term goal. 
  3. Measure your portions. It’s easy to underestimate how much you’re eating. Today, don’t just estimate things—make sure. Ask how much is in a serving, read the fine print on labels, and measure out your food. Did you know that one serving of pasta is around the size of a tennis ball? Without knowing it, you could be quadrupling the recommended calorie intake because your portions are off. And, instead of snacking out of the box, put your snacks on a separate plate or in a bowl. This will stop you from mindlessly reaching for more.
  4. Completely avoid the snack aisles when shopping. Why tempt fate? Don’t even walk down the snack or sugary drink aisles. From now on, pretend that those aisles are blocked off. If you don’t have chips and dips in your cabinet you can’t snack on them in a binge. By forcing yourself to have to make a stop at the store to go get your snack, you’ll be more inclined to often opt for a different snack. If you can’t resist a salty-treat, opt for a small handful of nuts, butter-free popcorn, or an avocado with a bit of salt sprinkled on it.

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