Getting into a Slim Body Mindset: 7 Tips

slim_body.jpgDo you want a slim body? (OK, that’s probably a silly question.) But here’s the thing: getting a slim body doesn’t just involve dietary and exercise changes. You need the right attitude as well. So make sure yours isn’t sabotaging your efforts. 

Here are seven ways to get into a slim body mindset. 

  • Don’t obsess over numbers.

Pounds, inches, reps, ounces of water—there are so many numbers to keep track of when focusing on your health. And while it’s certainly good to be aware (and to keep track of certain things), it’s all too easy for that awareness to slide into obsession. 

Remember, getting and staying slim is a long game endeavor. So, for example, your weight after today’s workout shouldn’t define who you are or how well you’re doing overall. Stressing over how much milk or cream the barista put into your latte isn’t worth it, either. Focusing on doing “the most” reps, even if it means sacrificing form is never the way to go. 

Numbers are just numbers. Have an understanding of how the numbers fit into your overall wellness plan. But don’t micromanage them to the point you’re miserable. 

  • Be realistic about how a slim body will look on you.

Bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, so even if you attain that slim body you’ve always wanted, be aware that life isn’t going to magically change as a result. 

For example, there might be certain clothes that don’t work for your particular frame, even a slimmed down frame, and that’s OK. You haven’t done anything wrong. Your body hasn’t failed you. Go find something that does work and makes you feel great. 

  • Understand that you’re still going to have tough days.

In other words, attaining a slim body isn’t going to solve all your problems. You’ll still have to pay taxes, repair a flat tire, fight the kids about doing their homework, come down with the occasional cold. 

That’s not to say achieving a slim body won’t make you happy in some ways. Buying those new jeans, increasing your stamina for your favorite sport, feeling good—those are all GREAT things, of course. So celebrate those things, but just know that life is still going to happen (and don’t get discouraged with your exercise or diet plan when it does). 

  • Focus on achievable milestones.

Let’s say you’re trying to slim down for a wedding. You have an outfit picked out that doesn’t yet fit, but you have nine months to work towards getting into that particular piece of clothing. That’s a great long-term goal. But you also need some short-term goals along the way to keep you on track. 

Perhaps it’s hitting a certain number of push-ups. Maybe it’s perfecting a certain yoga pose. Perhaps it’s going down one dress size. You get the idea. Pepper your long-term goals with achievable milestones along the way. 

  • Avoid the comparison trap.

Just as it’s easy to obsess over numbers, it’s also easy to compare ourselves to other people. But here’s what you need to remember: Everybody’s wellness journey is different. And that’s OK. As the kids say today, “You do you.” 

  • Surround yourself with positive reinforcement.

Making changes to the way we eat and move can have an interesting effect on people within our orbit. Some will cheer you on. Some might act “odd” (annoyed, aggravated, envious) because you’ve taken the leap. Others might be dismissive. You get the idea. 

It’s critical that you distance yourself from negativity. We realize that might be easier said than done, especially if the negativity is coming from family. Still, limit your access. And make sure you make up for any negative family members by incorporating healthy doses of positivity into your day-to-day life: follow motivational blogs, Instagram, and FB feeds. Read helpful, positive books/magazines. Watch shows that make you feel good and happy. Meditate and learn when to take deep breaths. 

  • Remember what’s important.

Sure, most of us want that slim body, but at the end of the day, what matters most is that we’re happy. If you stay active and eat healthier meals more often than not, then you’re doing great. Really! 

How do you get into a slim body mindset? Share in the comments.