3 Things You’ll Love About Our Group Power Class

Why_Youll_Love_Group_Power_Class.jpgStrength training is the secret to seeing results through exercise; you’ve heard good things but might not make it your top priority. By trying out a class you can begin a strength training routine or looking for something to switch up your usual workout. WoW’s strength training class, Group Power, has everything you need to build muscle definition, learn strength training exercises, and most of all, have fun during your workout! See why members love Group Power, and why you won’t be able to help but schedule it into your own calendar. 

Build Muscle and Tone with Strength Training Classes

Learn the basics. 
If you’re not sure where to start with strength training, a group class can give you the motivation and positive environment you need to help get you started. Why? Because everyone is class was once a beginner! You’ll learn exercises that are the foundation of strength training, all while an instructor guides you through each movement. While classes can vary in size, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to the instructor before or after class so they can be sure to instruct for appropriate modifications. Think of it as getting the fun from a large group fitness class with the consideration from a personal trainer!

Perfect your form with assistance.
Many Group Power classes can vary, but all include the strength training exercises you need. Instead of hitting the gym floor, class can give you the time to practice your form as you make progress every week. If you’re not sure of a cue from class, asking your instructor before or after for a quick recall can help ensure you are performing each exercise correctly. Being able to have feedback on your form from an instructor you trust can help you avoid injury, something you can’t do on your own on the gym floor.

Go at your own pace.
Don’t think you’re committed to a specific weight for the entirety of the class. Group Power gives you the chance throughout class to adjust weight for different exercises. Challenge yourself to increase the weight next week, or work on form and endurance. The flexibility to add and remove weight to the equipment used in Group Power allows you to find your ability level, and challenge yourself at your own pace.

Make workouts fun through group training fit for all fitness levels by popping into your local Work Out World, the top gyms in NJ!