Confidentially Beautiful: The Jersey Strong-Bare Necessities Way

barenec-1.pngAs a club that truly appreciates and embraces the fact that every body is beautiful, we understand that there is more than one “ideal” body type. That is why we were more than happy to have our good friends over at Bare Necessities come over to do a photo shoot at our Ocean club.

The results? Beauty personified.

Unfortunately, in recent years, there’s been a socially-imposed “ideal” body type. But let’s break free from society for a second, to let you know that:

Every. Body. Is. Beautiful.

If we constantly strive to achieve the “ideal look”, we won’t be able to be free of insecurities or self-consciousness. Beauty comes in all sizes.

This is one of the biggest reasons we were more than happy to host Bare Necessities, as they showcase the finest designer apparel for women of all shapes and sizes, and are the largest online specialty retailer of women’s & men’s branded and designer intimate apparel and underwear. But that’s not all. They’re local and they live Jersey Strong! Check them out!

barenec1.pngIn a world where so many people are in search of the “perfect body”, it may be time for all of us to consider, “What is perfect and why is it perceived as such?” After all, what looks good to one may not appeal to another, and vice versa.

We don’t need to have the defined, Hollywood look, but every single one of us can be healthy. The first cog in reaching our goals, starts with developing a healthy, positive self-image. Having a powerful sense of self-worth can provide the foundation needed to make reasonable and acute decisions about our health. By being aware of what we eat and how much we exercise, we can all achieve the optimum health and fitness goals that are right for us.

You may be saying to yourself, “I would love to eat right and log it in a daily journal, but after awhile, I’ll simply forget or lose interest.” Well, did you know that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them? Furthermore, people who tell a friend about their ambitions are 78% more successful? Even better, if you bring a friend, they’ll get a free 5-day trial with unlimited access to all that WOW offers! Feed your accountability muscle by bringing a friend!

Tips to Start Appreciating the Body We Have

1. Ignore the Numbers – We are all guilty of this one. The scale, the tape measure, the silly clothing sizes in stores. Don’t put any stock in these unimportant numbers we see on an almost daily basis. They may vary over time and don’t tell a complete story of your health and well-being. Instead, look for benchmarks that matter: how well you sleep, how you feel, and how much energy you have!

2. Appreciate What We Can Do – Whether it’s going on a hike, doing some yoga, or going on a bike ride, we have a number of classes for people of all fitness levels. Beginners welcome! We don’t have to wait until we “get fit” or lose weight to try an activity or challenge the body. Don’t do activities just because they burn a lot of calories, rather, do forms of exercise that you actually like to do! When we’re not focusing solely on losing weight, we look at things a little differently.

3. Wear What Feels Ribarenec-2.pngght for You – Don’t let your body type, size or shape prevent you from wearing what you want! As said before, there’s no sense in waiting until you lose weight to do whatever you would like to do — so why should it prohibit us from wearing what we want either?!

Accepting ourselves for who we are means that we feel good and care about ourselves, and that we want to be the very best that we can be, regardless of society’s “ideal standards”.

Whether you are curvy and confident, big and beautiful, or thin and keeping a grin — stay positive, and stay Jersey Strong!