Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out If You Lack Motivation

workout motivation techniquesWe’ve all been there: when you don’t feel like working out, you take a one-way trip to… DUN DUN DUN! Excuse City.

Excuse City is filled with phrases like: I am too tired today. I’m too sore from my last workout. I don’t feel like getting sweaty. I don’t even know what I’m doing at the gym. I left my headphones at home. My co-workers are all going out after work. My gym buddy cancelled.

Excuse City can be tough to leave once you enter it. And be warned! if you stay too long in Excuse City, you end up on the fast track to Lazy Town. Do you know what happens in Lazy Town? NOTHING. NO PROGRESS. (Are you picking up what we’re putting down?)

If you’re lacking motivation to hit the gym, try some of these strategies to hold yourself accountable and start seeing the results you want:

  1. Make a Workout Calendar: If you thrive on organization, scheduling your workouts can help you remain accountable. Some of our members find that simply putting reminders in their phones on designated workout days helps them to stay on task. Think of the reason why you started your fitness journey. Was it to lose weight? Be healthier? Gain strength? Gain confidence? Add your reason in the reminder, and it will be much harder to whip out an excuse from Excuse City. Here’s an example: “You don’t gain confidence by staying at home. GET YOUR BUTT TO THE GYM!” Works every time.
  2. Screenshot an Inspirational Saying: In Robert Cialdini’s book Pre-Suasion, he explains that strategically placing motivational images in your workspace can drastically increase your motivation and productivity. One example outlines how telephone marketers raised 60% more funds when a picture of a man winning a marathon was displayed prominently in their office.Try screenshotting one of these inspirational sayings and setting it as your phone or desktop background. The image reminder will help convince your subconscious to stay motivated throughout the day. Not only does it make your phone look cool, but it’s science-backed. Here’s an example:

    The Only Bad Workout Is The One You Didn't Do

  1. Follow inspirational fitness personalities on Instagram: There is an entire community of people just like you making healthier life choices. You can join in on the conversation, share stories of your own progress, or simply feel inspired and motivated by people who have made a commitment to be fit. Try searching some of these popular hashtags on Instagram to find folks you might want to follow along with:
    1. #fitnessmotivation
    2. #fitsporation
    3. #myfitnessjourney
    4. #girlswholift
    5. #foodprep

    Or better yet, start your own personal fitness Insta! If you want to feel inspired, you can follow us here.

  1. Join a Challenge Group: What do you get when you sign up for a challenge group? Accountability. And results. Joining a challenge group is an excellent way for you to get and stay motivated. Most challenges, are designed to get your metabolism cranking while fitness experts cater workouts to your specific body goals. And because everyone in the group has similar goals, you can sync up and meet a new gym buddy.
  2. Get a Personal Trainer: If you’ve never tried personal training, you may see this bullet point and think to yourself, “Pssh, I don’t need a personal trainer!” OR WORSE: “Working with a personal trainer is scary…” We get it. If you’re a regular at the gym, or if you’re just starting out, working with a Personal Trainer can feel like it’s not right for you. But consider this: The benefits of working with a professional are proven.

If you’re looking for a way to switch up your workouts, a personal trainer can help you get over a fitness plateau. If you’re just starting out, a personal trainer can help guide you away from the treadmills. (Please, please stop hiding on the treadmill. Everyone can lift weights. A personal trainer can show you how.)