4 Ways to Change Up Your Gym Routine

Change Up Gym RoutineHuman beings are creatures of habit. Have you ever walked into your spin class a couple minutes later than usual and thought: Uh oh, someone is on my usual bike. What follows are those few awkward moments of choosing another bike, and then fiddling with the settings to get them just right.

If you work out regularly, your routine becomes just that – a repetitive, standard routine. Routines are important for seeing overall fitness results. But often we hear our clients notice that they’ve hit a weight-loss or muscle-gain plateau after a few months of repetitive training.

If you’re tired of using the same boring gym method, or if you’ve hit a plateau in seeing results, it could be time for you to change up your workout routine. Here are some ways you can get started:

  • Work with a Personal Trainer

Working with a Personal Trainer is not just for people who are new to the gym. In fact, consulting with a professional could be the key to getting over your fitness plateau. Here are some ways a Personal Trainer can help you change up your routine:

1. Help you re-target certain muscle groups

2. Show you alternate ways to use fitness machines and free weights

3. Ensure your movements are properly aligned for maximum results

4. Assist you with creating a new or varied workout routine

5. Help you keep track of your results

  • Follow a Reputable Fitness Blog

If you’re stuck in your routine, following a reputable fitness blog can ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest fitness trends. But a good fitness blog will also provide you with creative ways to target muscle groups, new exercise guides, motivation, inspiration, and a community forum of other gym-goers.

  • Try a New Fitness Class

Classes are one of the most effective ways to change up your regular gym routine. Most health clubs will offer a variety of group fitness classes as part of your membership. With classes designed to target cardio, building muscle, increasing flexibility, and developing sustained stamina, you can push yourself over a plateau simply by varying your class participation on a weekly basis. And classes are designed to work for any fitness level.

If you spent a whole day targeting your leg muscles, a yoga class can help you lengthen and stretch your muscles. If you spent an afternoon focusing on cardio, try a boxing class in the morning to tone your whole body. Boot camps and muscle classes will also show you new ways to utilize equipment such as weights, kettlebells, and fitness bars.

  • Train for a Race or Event

What better way to change up your routine than by setting a fixed, end-goal for yourself? If you’re stuck in your routine, try enrolling in your first 5k or half marathon. Setting an event-based goal means you can focus your training on bringing yourself to the fitness level required for that particular event.

Not sure where to start? Downloading a fitness blueprint will help you outline the exact steps you need to take to get you to the finish line.