4 Core Exercises That Will Give Your Golf Swing More Power

3_Core_Exercises_That_Will_Give_Your_Golf_Swing_More_PowerBuild strong abs at the gym with the best core exercise to improve your golf game. When you have a goal in mind, hitting the gym is much less stressful as you are motivated to make the most of your time. A strong core can help alleviate back pain, improve posture, but also improve several other areas of your lifestyle, including your golf game! Get the most power into your swing with a strong core from some of our favorite abdominal exercises.

The Best Ab Exercises for a Strong Core

One of our favorite core exercises for a powerful golf swing brings the traditional side plank cable row - Courtesy Women's Health Magplank to a new level. The side plank is a great way work on your core, but by also adding a cable row as you plank, you are training your core to stabilize as your upper body moves. Once you have perfected your side plank, you can increase difficulty by adding in a cable row. Begin in the side plank position, with feet stacked on top of each other in front of a cable machine. Prepare to raise your body up after grabbing the cable handle. Once in your side plank position, perform a cable row keeping your elbow tight and allowing your arm to fully extend back to the cable machine.pushup row - Courtesy Men's Health


Intensify your standard push-ups by adding a row with just the addition of dumbbells. Begin by holding two dumbbells on the ground in pushup position. After pushing yourself up with arms fully extended, continue movement with your right arm by pulling dumbbell straight up into a row, keeping elbow close to the body. Return dumbbell to the ground and repeat alternating arms.

stability ball rotations


Let’s get off the ground for a little now. Try ab exercises on an exercise ball to stabilize your core and take any pressure off your back. Lie on your back on an exercise ball with your arms extended, hands placed together. With arms fully extended, slowly rotate your torso to one side — balancing on the ball. Alternate sides for 30 seconds at a time.

ab rollout stability ball


With all core exercises, concentrate on keeping your abdominals tight to engage muscles for full benefits. Stability ball ab rollouts are an exercise that strengthens the core, shoulders and upper back muscles. This move is a version of a plank, except that instead of putting your arms or hands on the floor, you use the ball to stabilize your upper body. Begin in a high kneeling position with ball in front of you. Clasp hands together and place on top of the ball. Keeping back long and abdominals tight, press hands into the ball and roll it out in front of you until forearms are on the ball and your body is at a 45 degree angle. Use your forearms to pull back slowly and return to start position.

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