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Group classes will give you the motivation and social connections you need to get fit.

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It's hard to stay fit alone

Going to the gym and making it through a work out on your own can be a challenge. Your motivation can drop quickly and sticking with your workouts can feel like a chore. For many of us, working out alone is boring, lonely and a recipe for failure.

Getting fit doesn't have to feel like work

Exercise motivation


High energy classes keep you going, and coming back.

Connect with others exercise

Connect with

Smile, sweat and move together towards a common goal.

Fun workout classes


You'll be amazed how time flies when you enjoy your workout.

Exercise loves company

We understand it can be challenging to get fit without the motivation and social connection found in a group workout.

Leaders in Group Exercise Classes

A leader in group classes for almost 30 years

With a full schedule of daily classes covering a wide variety of options, it will be easy to find one you love.

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180+ instructors who know their stuff

Passionate instructors lead you through professionally designed workouts to keep you motivated.

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Classes that keep you coming back for more

  • Professionally programmed exercise classes

    Professionally Programmed Classes

    Classes are designed by professionals with powerful music and programming is updated regularly to keep you motivated.

  • Workouts for all levels

    For All Fitness Levels

    Classes are adjustable for all fitness levels. So whether you’re a beginner or more advanced exerciser, you’ll fit right in.

  • Exercise Class Variety

    Huge Variety of Classes

    Whether you’re looking to burn calories, tighten your body or just lose a few inches, there’s a class option for you.

  • Educated Gym Instructors NJ

    Professionally Educated Instructors

    Top-notch instructors great at motivation, building community and guiding you through class each step of the way.

  • Friendly exercise instructors

    Friendly Environment

    From a welcoming smile to encouragement along the way, you’ll love the support from your instructor and new fitness friends.

  • Jersey Strong is Sparkling Clean

    Spacious and Sparkling Clean

    The Safety Strong disinfection system keeps the spacious group rooms and equipment clean, sanitized and always ready for you.

These classes will move you

With so many options you’ll always look forward to having fun at class and getting in shape.

Let's get moving

At Jersey Strong we know you are the kind of person who wants to be healthy, confident and look amazing. To get there you need the right motivation.

The problem is that it’s hard to workout alone, which can make you feel unmotivated. No one should have to workout alone to get fit. We understand it can be challenging to stay fit without the motivation and social connection found in the right group workout. That’s why we’ve been the best gym in New Jersey and a leader in group classes for almost 30 years. Our team of more than 180+ passionate instructors will guide you through workouts that are professionally designed to keep you motivated. 


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Getting started is simple. Just book your free trial now, and then decide to become a member. You’ll say good-bye to boring workouts, and you’ll be motivated to start living life in a body you love!

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