What to Look For in a Family Gym

women-dancing-in-front-of-mirrorSome gyms are pure iron-pumping factories. Others are a little more laid back. But great family-friendly gyms have their own distinct charm. In a family-friendly gym, you get more for your money…and peace of mind knowing you don’t have to choose between your kid or yourself. Here’s what to look for when you’re ready to reach new member status.

The Workout Classes You Want

You’re paying the money, so you should be getting exactly what you want from your gym. Having the equipment necessary for a good workout is a given—but there should be perks, too. Does it have that yoga class you’ve been craving for lunchtime? Are there a variety of classes you can choose from to mix up your routine? Does the gym have personal trainers whose services you can utilize? Before you hand over your credit card, check out a class schedule to make sure your needs will be met.

Location & Convenience

Location, location, location! This one is pretty obvious, but a great family friendly gym is not one that is 45 minutes away from home or work or school. No one wants to travel for an early morning or late-night workout. Location aside, general convenience should be high on your must-have list—if the parking lot is always full, if it doesn’t have bike racks, if there are no locker rooms, you won’t be blamed for looking elsewhere.

No Strings

You should be able to try out a membership before you buy one. If a gym won’t let you give it a test run—first month free, free personal training, guest passes—then it doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Having a no strings attached relationship at the beginning of your membership means you have a chance to see if the gym will work for your family, is safe for them, and is comfortable for you.

Child Care Programs

You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking care of your body—a great family-friendly gym should, by nature, make working out guilt-free. So, investigate: is there babysitting available? Is the gym friendly to teens or toddlers? Don’t be afraid to ask staff members about the child care training they receive, and check out the child care areas to make sure you’re comfortable with them. At Jersey Strong, we have babysitting rooms monitored by Babysitting Attendants who are there to keep your kid safe and entertained. Each room is outfitted with games, videos, toys and more, and Attendants will make sure your child is comfortable while you get your sweat on.

Match Your Goals

You’ve got gym goals. Does your gym have member goals? What we mean is this: Can they help you achieve what you want? Is it a small gym that will give you a couple machines or specialized workouts, or is it a larger gym network that can provide a variety of services? Be upfront about what you want in the pre-membership process—and that will make it easy for you to know what you’re going to get at the end of it.

Jersey Strong was built by a family for families. Give us a try with a free pass to all of our perks!