Updates to Babysitting Policies and Procedures for Sept 2016

Babysitting_Image.pngWith our new membeship software, we now have some updated policies and procedures for members utilizing Babysitting services at WoW. These updates have been put in place to help improve Baysitting check-in and check-out security. Please take a moment to read through these important updates that are in effect as of September 1, 2016.

What are the exact updates to the check-in and check-out process for Babysitting?

  • Parents are required to register their children on the parent’s membership account (this will happen at the Babysitting room during one of your upcoming visits). Upon arrival at the Babysitting room, a Babysitting attendant will pull-up the parent’s membership account on a computer workstation located in the Babysitting room, and check-in the child. This same process holds true for check-out.

Will there now be an additional fee for Babysitting?

  • No and yes. For members who joined on or before August 31, 2016 on a membership that includes Babysitting services, there is not an additional fee for Babysitting. For members who join on or after September 1, 2016, Babysitting is available as an add-on option to membership for an additional monthly fee.

Are both parents required to have the Babysitting service on their membership account?

  • Yes, if both parents plan to check-in and check-out their children from Babysitting, they both need to have the Babysitting service on each of their membership accounts. If you or your spouse (living in the same household) need to add Babysitting on to your membership as a second parent, please see the Front Desk for a discounted rate.

Can I drop off children in addition to my own kids?

  • We’re not big fans of this, strictly from a security perspective. But yes, for a small daily fee of $3 per additional child, you may drop off children in addition to your own kids. See the Front Desk upon arrival at the club to make payment and to get your guest Babysitting check-in voucher for that day — you will then bring that voucher to the Babysitting room at time of check-in.

But in the past I have been dropping off children in addition to my own kids, why the change in policy now?

  • In an effort to improve Babysitting check-in and check-out security, we are tightening-up our systems and our policies. If you joined on or before August 31, 2016 and have the Babysitting service on your membership account, we’ve loaded your account with (15) free guest Babysitting check-in vouchers. Just see the Front Desk when you’d like to redeem one.

Is it okay if I leave the club while my children are in Babysitting?

  • No, absolutely not. Parents are required to stay on premises while their children are in the Babysitting room at WoW.

Can someone else pick up my children?

  • The same person who drops off a child must pick them up. The only exception to this rule is that a spouse can also pick-up a child, provided that spouse has the Babysitting service on their membership account and also has the child registered under their account.

We understand that with policy and procedure updates there can be questions and some unanticipated situations. We hope this post has helped answer most of your questions (if it hasn’t please post a comment below) and we look forward to working together to work through any unanticipated situations. Thank you for your support as we work to improve the Babysitting check-in and check-out security at WoW. For a full set of Babysitting Policies & Procedures please click here


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