Updates to Class Check-In Policies and Procedures for Sept 2016

Class_Image.jpgAs kiosk installations are completed in each club, the updated policies and procedures are currently in effect. Below are answers to the most common questions regarding class check-in procedure.

Does this update apply to all Group Classes and XLab Classes?

  • Yes, this update to Class check-in policies and procedures applies to all classes — Group Classes and XLab Classes.

Why are these changes being made to Class Check In?

  • It boils-down to monitoring class access and managing class capacity. Jersey Strong offers multiple membership types with varying levels of access to classes. Some memberships include unlimited access, some don’t include any access, while others included limited access. Checking-in for classes ensures that only members with the correct access are participating in classes.
  • In addition, each class has a maximum capacity. The reservation and check-in system allows for a much more efficient management of the spaces available in a class. The new system allows members to reserve classes in advance (advanced reservations are not mandatory), see remaining spots available at the time of making a reservation, cancel a reservation, and even go on a wait list if a class is at capacity.

Is checking-in at the Class kiosk mandatory?

  • Yes, all members taking a class must scan their bar code at one of the Class Check-In kiosks located at the front of the club. A receipt will print, that the member will then give to the instructor/trainer at the start of class. This process allows the instructor/trainer to quickly validate that all participants in the room have valid access.

Is reserving a class in advance online or in the mobile App mandatory?

  • No, reserving a spot in a class in advance is not mandatory. Reserving a spot in advance simply guarantees members a spot in class, like a reservation at a restaurant. You can reserve a class spot up to 24 hours in advance and you can cancel a reservation up to 15 minutes before class start time. If you choose not to reserve a spot in advance, that’s fine, you’ll just check-in at one of the kiosks located at the front of the club as noted above (space permitted).

What if all the spots in class are reserved in advance?

  • If a class is fully booked with no spots remaining, members can add themselves to the wait list for that class either online or through the mobile App. If a spot becomes available, members on the waitlist will receive an email notification, at which time the open spot can be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

How far in advance can you reserve a class?

  • Classes open-up for reservations 24 hours in advance, and reservations can be cancelled up to 15 minutes before class start time.

What happens if the kiosk runs out of paper?

  • Staff will be monitoring kiosk paper at designated times during the day, and replacing it in advance. That said, there will inevitably be situations when paper runs-out at a time that keeps members from smoothly checking-in for class. In those situations, we will fall back on a manual head-count by the instructor/trainer and the honor system by members. 

Will people who reserve in advance and no show for class be penalized?

  • Yes, we are able to identify repeat offenders in the system and they will be addressed accordingly.

If I am running late to class, will my spot be given away?

  • As we all get acquainted with the new system, we will all work together to be flexible and understanding. Our ultimate goal that we will be working towards over the coming months will be for classes to start on time and for all participants to check-in prior to class start time. Again, in the immediate future we will be flexible and understanding to help us all get comfortable with the new system and process.

What is Drop-In class billing?

  • If a member doesn’t have a membership plan that includes Class access (or it only includes limited access) to Group Classes or XLab Classes, now members can just ‘drop-in’ and get automatically billed on a per class basis.
  • Members will just book in advance and/or check-in at the kiosk for any class as outlined above, and their membership account will simply be billed a drop-in rate of just $7 per class the following month.

If you have additional questions, please drop us a comment below. 



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