The Most Overlooked Way to Build Muscle Fast


The_Number_One_Overlooked_Way_to_Build_Muscle_Fast.jpgIf you’re looking to build muscle fast you might be hitting the weights extra hard and eating everything you find to feed the bulk. You are increasingly hungry because of the extra, heavy training after all. But before you dive into your favorite foods, remember that to build muscle you need to feed your muscles efficiently to attain size and strength.


Build Muscle Fast with Nutrition

The biggest mistake people make when looking to build muscle fast is to consume everything in sight, but really eating foods high in fat will only make your muscles look the same way, fat and bloated. Nutrition and a high protein diet is the major key in building muscle fast. Even if you are already lifting heavy for your size, if you didn’t add weight at all but increased your protein intake, you’d see change.

Build muscle by providing your body with lean protein in close proximity to your weight sessions. Sure, supplementing with a protein shake can help you get to the intake you need in a day, but do not rely on powder to build muscle. Instead try to get as much of your day’s protein from lean meats, fish, eggs, or beans and whole foods high in protein even if you’re on a vegan diet.

Now that you know the secret to building muscle fast, you can tackle other goals to keep you on track. Logging your workouts will help you track your progress, stay accountable, and be sure you are working each muscle group throughout the week. Besides just building muscle, you want to create a symmetrical physique.

Continue logging with a food journal. Not only will you need to track your protein intake, but since every body is different you will be able to note if you need to adjust your amount of carbohydrates and fats each week as well. Logging your food helps keep your nutrition accountable and will teach you what helps your body perform best.

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