Tips for Weight Loss in the Summer

summer_weight_loss.jpgEarlier this month, we talked about all the wonderful, tasty, low-cal foods available this time of year—foods that can help with your summer slimdown goals

But is it really possible to lose weight during the summer when there are so many other temptations, like creamy potato salads and burgers at the BBQ, fried seafood at the shore, s’mores around the campfire, ice cream at the new stand down the road, not to mention the endless supply of tasty adult beverages everywhere you go? 

The answer, of course, is yes. Here are five tips for weight loss in the summer. 

  1. Remember, it’s all about intake and output. OK, so maybe you overindulged a little at the family BBQ this past weekend. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, focus on eating clean and within reason for the rest of the week, and maybe add in an extra workout here or there. No, we’re not talking doubling up full programs. Use common sense. For example, if you run every morning, consider taking advantage of the longer daylight hours and adding in a power walk after supper a few nights a week, especially after a party-hard weekend. 
  • Add in “fun” exercise. We’re believers that all exercise should be fun; otherwise, you won’t stick with it. But we can certainly appreciate that certain forms of exercise are more fun than other types. While you should keep up with your gym workouts since you can make sure you’re getting in the necessary reps while focusing on all of your muscles, consider adding in some of those “other” exercises—you know, the ones that don’t feel like exercise? Consider the following:
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Paddle boarding
  • Water skiing
  • Golfing
  • Kick ball
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Gardening
  • Beach volleyball

You get the idea. All of the above are great forms of exercise and perfect to do during the summer months (and some work great in the fall and spring, too). Add some of these activities into your schedule and you’ll be able to maintain your weight, and even lose a few pounds while toning up. (More: Here are 50 fun summertime activities that burn 50 calories—do a bunch, and the calories burned will really add up.) 

  1. Plan vacations that involve movement. Yes, there’s something to be said about spending a few lazy days on the beach or lounging in the hammock. But the best way to counter any overly indulgent food behavior is by making sure you get up and move! Think walking tours, hikes, riding bikes, dancing, and so forth. Even if you simply get some laps in at the hotel pool, every little bit helps. (Psst: we LOVE this tip from Everyday Health about working out at the airport. Brilliant!) 
  1. Always think in terms of healthy snacks. Sometimes the biggest challenge we face during summer is all the irresistible treats we can snack on (we’re looking at you, ice cream and fried dough). Whenever possible, make sure you’re in charge of packing snacks—and choose/make healthy ones. Remember, healthy doesn’t need to mean boring. Here are 16 healthy summer snacks under 100 calories
  1. Have a bounce-back plan. Sometimes summer/vacation weight gain is unavoidable (curse you, buffet tables!). Here’s the thing: just make sure you have a solid bounce-back plan once you get back to reality. 

As Shape magazine reminds us, “Fortunately, if you’ve overindulged on delicious food on vacation (which is great!), you can easily recover. Simply go back to your normal clean-eating habits and active lifestyle, and any weight that you gained while on vacation will come off. What you shouldn’t do is start aggressively dieting and restricting your calories. This can promote a ‘binge and restrict pattern,’ which may or may not have negative impacts on your metabolism in the short term, but over the long term it lays the groundwork for an unhealthy relationship with food.” 

By the way, our personal trainers can help motivate you and get you back on track after those indulgent weeks. If you’re in New Jersey, make sure you snag your free five-day Workout World pass.