The Best Exercises to Do With A Friend

exercise-with-friendEverything is better together! Be it with a friend, partner, or colleague, studies show working out with a partner has more benefits than hitting the weights or cardio machines solo. It can increase energy, determination and even provide better results. That said, here are a few creative exercises that prove teamwork pays off!

Forward Band Jumps

Start with your workout partner standing directly in front of you, but facing away from your body. Have your partner loop a resistance band around their waist, with you holding both ends of the resistance band. Have your partner take a small step forward, so that there is slight tension in the band. Now, slightly bend your knees to get proper balance and stability, as your partner jumps forward as far as possible — maintaining proper form (bending the knees, with hips back, core tight, and exploding forward). They can have their arms swing naturally for added momentum, landing lightly on their toes. Once the jump is complete, they can take a few steps back to return to the starting position. Rep out 10-15 quick jumps, then switch spots and get your jump on! Do 3-4 sets a piece.

Sit-ups with Medicine Ball Pass

medicine-ball-situpBoth you and your partner will lie face-up, with knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Have your partner hold a medicine ball with arms extended overhead. Squeeze your abs and sit up, as your partner does the same, passing you the ball on over to you. With arms still extended, slowly lower yourself down, allowing your mid-back to touch the ground before rising back up to pass it back! Sound like torture? Well, somewhat — but you’re going to love the burn afterward! Perform 15 repetitions each, for 3-5 sets.

Static Squat Jumps

Back to the legs! You’ll need two resistance bands for this exercise. Stand facing your partner, with both of you holding one end of each resistance band, arms extended. The band should have slight tension. Maintaining the position of your arms, as both of you squat down, sending hips back, bending knees, keeping core tight, and lowering your body’s. Together, jump up, maintaining band tension and arm position. Land lightly on your toes, and immediately lower down again. Again, perform 15 reps at 3-5 sets.

Band Sprints

band-sprintsTime to strengthen those quads! Loop a higher resistance band around your partner’s waist and hold both ends. For stability (trust us, you’ll need it!), brace your core, bending knees slightly, with your hips back and back straight. When ready, have your partner sprint forward. The band will instantaneously tighten up — depending on your strength (and your partners power). Have your partner run forward for 30 seconds (they can sprint in place as well). Slowly jog backwards to return to start position, and switch!

Resistance Band Chest Press

band-chest-pressHold both ends of a resistance band, with the loop hanging loosely behind body. Act as the anchor initially, holding the loop and stepping back until there is tension. From there, have your partner raise both hands, just below chest level, with elbows bent 90 degrees so that their elbows, biceps, and forearms are all parallel to the ground. For balance, they can step one foot forward into a slight lunge. With core tight and a slight bend in the knee, they can push forward, fully extending both arms, as if they are performing a bench press. Once completed, have them slowly bend at the elbows and return to the start. Repeat for 8 to 12 reps, then switch roles. Do 3-5 sets a piece.

Reach and Touch Plank

reach-plankTo finish, let’s hit the core again! Both you and your partner will hit the deck and get into plank position, head-to-head, about two feet apart From the plank position (can be on elbows or hands), both of you lift your right hand and reach so that you clap hands. Keeping the core tight, slowly bring the right hands back to the starting plank position and switch, so that it’s now your left hands clapping together. This one is a doozy! Try to rep out 8 to 12 reps, or perform for 30 seconds, before taking a short break. What’s that magic set number again? Oh yeah, 3-5 sets!

Tired? You should be. Want some more? Good! Looking for a place to get started? Start here!