6 Resources to Meet a New Workout Buddy

lifting-buddiesGetting fit takes a village. No, seriously—it’s proven that we do better when we work out in groups, we finish our fitness programs more consistently when we have a partner, and we find it easier to stay motivated when we have someone holding us accountable (this is why personal training works!). But if you don’t have anyone in your life that wants to join your fitness journey, it’s hard to find someone who might. Never fear—we’ve got you covered.

6 Ways to Meet a New Workout Buddy


Meetup is a website where groups and individuals can post events or activities to, well, meet up! There are a ton of Meetup groups within 25 miles of Jersey City alone. It’s like the Tinder of the friendship world—find a group that you think might be cool, and give it a try. If you’re nervous to go by yourself, grab a friend or a partner to try it out the first time. They might not want to be your workout buddy consistently, but we’re sure they can spare an hour to try something new.

Hiking Clubs

Are you the outdoorsy type? Walking is one of the best exercises there is, and walking on uneven terrain (hiking, as they say), even more so. If you’re in a more suburban or rural part of New Jersey (or you’re just looking to get out of the city here and there) join a hiking group. This is a great way to meet active and like-minded people who get fit by enjoying the outdoors—a little less intense than, say, a fitness boot camp Meetup, but still good for the mind and body.


Were you a gym class hero in high school? Zogsports might be the right kind of workout community for you. The organization brings people together for intramural-like sports, and New Jersey is one of the seven places it operates. It’s geared toward professionals who are looking to get active and give back to the community—the company was founded after 9/11 and made charitable donation a core part of its values. So when the season starts, each team picks their favorite charity, and at the end-of-the-season proceeds are donated their way! This is a place to meet friends that you can also feel good about.


If you’re not in a position to sign up for fitness classes right now, there’s the cheaper and more spontaneous option of Groupon. Check out the site, find a steal on a fitness class, and go after work. Don’t be afraid to chat up the people in your class—after a couple of sessions, you just might have a new workout buddy (Or you’ll just love the exercises and stick with the class!).

Start a November Project

The November Project was first started in Boston for people to meet up, go for runs, and just generally try to get through the New England cold together. Available in select cities (including NYC!), there’s no TNP in New Jersey yet, but you could be the one to start it. It’s free, there are no sign ups, and it’s for early birdsso just bundle up, show up to the location listed on the group’s page, and get going.

Call Up an Old Friend or Hit Up a Coworker

There are plenty of apps that can help you find a workout buddy (some of which really can be kind of weird), but sparking up a conversation with people you’re already connected to will be less awkward and more likely to lead to a fun gym session. Reconnect with a friend in your area that you haven’t seen in a while, ask another mom you know to go on a stroller power walk, talk to a coworker you know works out (or is trying to get into the workout groove), and just pop the question: Want to workout together sometime?

Trust us, finding a new workout buddy can be hard, but the effort is going to be worth it.

Looking to meet someone at Jersey Strong? Check out our group fitness classes and find a place for you.