Our Favorite Resources For Healthy Eating Recipes

sundriedtomatoveggieburger.jpgThere’s tons of blogs on the internet where you can find great recipes, but what about great healthy eating recipes? Better yet, healthy recipes that the entire family will love? We’re doing the work for you by listing which blogs we turn to for exactly that!

Here are eight of our favorite healthy blogs — broken down by what we like to look for first at each site. (Yes, there’s even two for dessert!)

Here are some of our favorite resources, with notes about what to especially look for on their blog – and a recipe we recommend from each site. 

Be sure to tell us where you go when you need healthy recipes!

Great For Vegetarians (Or Anyone Who Wants To Eat More Veggies)

The Glowing Fridge

We first discovered The Glowing Fridge because of a great smoothie recipe, but after taking a look around, discovered much more! We really like the healthy, low sugar dessert options that don’t skimp on the yum (or the chocolate), and the variety of veggies used in all the dishes. If you want to try something new – or eat a meatless dish without feeling like you’re giving up something, here’s where to go. 

Recipe We Recommend: No Bake Blueberry Chia Jam Bars

The Joyful Earth

Want to eat more foods that are right for the season? The Joyful Earth is a great place to start. Not only are recipes broken down by season, but you can also choose to look at just main courses, or salads, etc. We recommend paying close attention to the soups and entrees, but there’s great options in every category! 

Recipe We Recommend: Sundried Tomato Black Bean Burgers – Because burgers don’t always have to be meat.


Great For Meat Lovers

Cook Eat Paleo

Cook Eat Paleo specializes in real food that’s healthy as Lisa, the woman behind the blog, changed her diet for health reasons and hasn’t looked back. From drinks and smoothies, to lunches and dishes packed with meat, Cook Eat Paleo has healthy options for your entire family.

Recipe We Recommend: Sausage and Butternut Squash Frittata – Get a mix of healthy fat, protein, and veggies.

The Iron You

Have a lot of meat eaters to please? Try these healthy options that include a variety of meats paired with vegetables. Most of these recipes are also gluten free, to give your body a rest from processed flours – something that can help with weight loss.

Recipe We Recommend: Healthy Crock-pot Carne Guisada

For When You Want A Mix Of Everything

Naked Cuisine

Need a meal you can make in 30 mins or less? This is one of the first places we go. Most of the meals are fast and easy, but there’s a separate section for meals you can whip up in a jiffy. You can really find something for everyone – from seafood lovers, to the gluten free, to seasonal foods.

Recipe We Recommend: Mexi-Bison Lettuce Wraps – The perfect mix of lean meat and veggies

In Sonnet’s Kitchen

If you have picky eaters, this will be a great resource for finding foods that keep the entire family happy. Whether you need paleo foods, interesting salads, vegetarian recipes, sides for the family feast, or seasonal treats, you’ll find it here. There’s even some healthy juices and tonics!

Recipe We Recommend: Spicy Jalapeno Sesame Salmon


For When You Really Want Dessert

Chocolate Covered Katie

Wish you could have dessert and not feel guilty about it? When we feel that way, we go to Chocolate Covered Katie. Katie’s been on tv shows talking about how to make dessert healthy – using both familiar ingredients and every day healthier subsitutes. Find everything from protein cookies to one minute low sugar cakes.

Recipe We Recommend: No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Against All Grain

Danielle Walker is probably best known for her gluten free cookbook, also titled Against All Grain. What you may not know is her blog is a great resource for healthy eating recipes, especially dessert! Danielle changed her eating style to help her health – and she’s a great example of what you can do by eating healthy! 

Recipe We Recommend: Toasted Marshmallow Smore Tart

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