Fitness Plateaus a Personal Trainer Can Help You Overcome

Fit woman lifting heavy barbell in weights room at the gym.jpegPersonal training isn’t just for people who are new to the gym. If health and fitness is part of your daily life, routine can become a huge obstacle to meeting your goals.

If you’re a regular at the gym, it’s likely that at some point on your fitness journey you’ll hit a plateau. Sometimes there’s 5-10 pounds we just can’t seem to lose – no matter what diet or cardio routine we try. Other times we hit a PR on the bench that we can’t beat, no matter how many weeks we repeat reps.

That’s where a personal trainer comes in.

Personal trainers not only have science and certifications to back them up, they also have hours and hours of practical hands-on experience with people at all stages of their fitness journey. Here are some of the plateaus a personal trainer can help you overcome.

Weight Loss

We see it all too often – a client will come in having lost an enormous percentage of body fat. But for some reason, there is 5-15lbs that just won’t seem to go away. Diet changes and increased cardio can add or subtract a few pounds. But for some reason, those 10lbs don’t seem to want to go anywhere. The worst thing you can do is give up! It is possible to lose those last stubborn pounds to reach your goal weight. A personal trainer can help you track your journey to date, and come up with a strategic and targeted plan for you to lose weight, increase muscle, and meet your weight loss goal faster.

Muscle Gain and Personal Records

Men and women at all stages of their lifting journeys will hit a bump where a certain exercise or weight will go from being difficult to nearly impossible. Routine can sometimes be the enemy when you’re trying to reach a specific muscle gain goal. That’s where your trainer comes in. By working with a trainer that specializes in muscle growth, you can learn targeted supporting exercises to reach your goal. They can develop a plan that’s specific to your body-type and composition.


Whether you’re looking to complete a 5k, 10k, marathon or triathlon, there may come a time where you simply can’t beat your best time. Or worse, it may become nearly impossible for you complete your race. A personal trainer can combine strength training, diet tips, and targeted exercise plans so that you can meet your endurance and race goals in no time. Sometimes a simple adjustment to your stride, or shifting focus to a particular muscle group can make all the difference. But this is different for each person. That’s when professional help can save you lots of time and investment.

Loss of Motivation

Being stuck in any fitness plateau – for lack of a better word – just sucks. Sometimes we turn to the internet to try the best new thing – drop sets! Overloading! Extended recovery! But just because something worked for someone else online, doesn’t mean it will for you. And trying and failing to get out of your plateau can lead to the worst plateau of all – loss of motivation. When the Sanctuary of The Gym becomes frustrating, we forget why we enjoy physical fitness so much in the first place. If you’re feeling frustrated, at-a-loss, or uninspired by your time at the gym, it’s time to speak with a trainer. Personal trainers come from all sorts of backgrounds. No matter your focus, there is someone out there who specializes in what you’re trying to accomplish. Ask for help! One free session could be the jumpstart you need to get back on track.

What have you got to lose? Try personal training for free today.