Building Muscle Without Bulk: 5 Reasons to Up Your Lean Body Mass

victor-freitas-667495-unsplashThere is often a stereotype that building muscle will make you bulky. You’ve seen some body types, and you do not want to be a victim of bulk. Put your worries aside because we’re going to debunk the bulk myth so you can reap all the benefits of building muscle without the bulk!

Benefits of Building Lean Mass

  1. Variety – If your only variety is switching from the elliptical, to the bike, to the treadmill, we understand a lack of motivation to hit the gym. By adding weight training to your workout, you will vary your workouts every day. Alternate training upper and lower body on different days, and add cardio after your workouts. This will not only help avoid getting mentally bored, but the variation helps your muscles recover and avoid hitting a plateau as well.
  2. Avoid Injury – Weight training will help you exercise tendons and ligaments supporting your muscles that could otherwise tear or strain. So you can attack your favorite activities or just daily exercise and actions without worry.
  3. Heart Health – Challenging your workout routine by lifting weights can improve your cardiovascular health, which can protect you from heart disease.
  4. Increase Metabolism – After some added weight training, you will notice an increase in your metabolism, no matter if you are male or female. Combine that with the right diet and you’ll be able to achieve your weight loss goal way quicker than just finding your favorite treadmill at the gym every day.
  5. Fast Results – It can be hard to shed pounds, but resistance training can help you not only burn more fat, but adding two to three weight training sessions to your week will result in muscle definition in less than a month. Even light weight strength training can be effective in building muscle, so be sure to start off light to avoid injury and strain.

Building muscle and lean mass without the bulk is possible. If you’re concerned, make sure to talk to a personal trainer to get recommendations for your specific body type! What are you waiting for?! Looking for results? No better place than the Gym of New Jersey, JERSEY STRONG!