Build Muscle and Burn Calories with Kickboxing


Mix up your routine with a workout that doesn’t require you to hit the weight rack, and instead lets you kick and punch the bag — for real! It is set in a fun, encouraging group environment, and is coached by a top fitness professional to increase motivation and reduce the risk of injury. That’s right, a kickboxing-based workout that is not only a different type of exercise on it’s own, but also adds various movements to make it a full body workout that burns calories, targets belly fat, and provides a fun class to change your usual routine! 

The Health Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with cardio, so while you will feel the workout in your upper body, don’t dismiss the fact that your core and legs will be reaping the benefits as well! Kickboxing can burn an average of 750 calories in an hour, combine that with incorporated aerobic moves and your full body workout will have you on the path to shedding pounds in no time.  

Unlike a regular cardio workout, kickboxing also works to strengthen and tone a variety of muscle groups. Take advantage of hitting bags for a more intense upper body workout. Legs, glutes and core also get worked while engaging your core and constantly moving. 

Physical activity can boost your mood when endorphins are released, but sometimes, that simply isn’t enough to combat a particularly stressful day. Kickboxing provides a healthy outlet for stress relief, allowing you to walk out with a clear mind and obtain a better nights sleep! However, you are even more inclined to leave happier after kickboxing because of the additional group training aspect. Group exercise and the motivation and encouragement that comes along with training among others enhances these benefits as you push yourself and those feel-good endorphins are released! 

woman_knockout_gymYou may be thinking kickboxing with bags sounds intimidating, but Jersey Strong has made sure you get a guided workout experience in a safe and encouraging environment. Surrounded by the best members a gym could ask for(!), you’ll completely revamp and enhance your fitness routine.

The small group setting of Knockout allows you to get professionally coached workout by a top fitness professional, at just the right intensity for you. You won’t be participating in an overbooked class, as Xlabs are designed as small group training experiences so that no matter what experience level you are at, your trainer will be able to coach you to reach your full potential. Have the confidence to see what kickboxing is all about and reap the benefits yourself in KNOCKOUT!

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