5 Detoxing Tips That Are Actually Good for You

lemon-on-yellow-backgroundPretty much everyone agrees that detox diets aren’t good for you. But that doesn’t mean eating to dexotify is bad. The bad stuff—we’re talking juice cleanses and maple syrup chugging—deprives your body of essential nutrients. The truth is, a healthy body already detoxifies on its own (that’s what the liver and kidneys are for!). Still, there’s no doubt you can help your body along by increasing its detoxifying functions.

What’s the Deal with Detoxing?

Detoxes became popular because they’re a quick fix. You probably remember—in the mid 2010s, juice cleanses were all the rage. But they faded out just as quickly as they came alive, probably because research can’t back them as an effective way to lose and keep off weight. But not only are claims that things like the Master Cleanse could help you shed 10 pound in 10 days an unhealthy way to look at diets, they’re also dangerous: the body is only supposed to lose one to two pounds per week if it’s to lose weight in a healthy way.

That said, without adhering to a detox program, there are tons of ways that you can detox your body (or help the organs that detox it along). Here are some tried-and-true ways to get clean from the inside.

The Only 5 Detox Dieting Tips You Need

Hydrate (And Rehydrate!)

Water is the all-powerful detoxifier, anti-ager, and body function-helper. Water on its own cushions the brain, lubricates your joints, helps your blood deliver oxygen, prevents kidney damage, helps you lose weight, and prevents premature wrinkling. Water with lemon, a favorite of detox diets, speeds up detoxification, gives you antioxidants powerful enough to wean you off coffee, and kickstarts your metabolism. We recommend grabbing a designated water bottle and refilling it to your heart’s content.

Become Pro Probiotic

It’s time to tap into the kombucha craze. Probitoics help you regulate the good stuff going on in your gut, and science says that a healthy gut can help your body ward off toxins (and also, you know, keep your brain healthy and your immune system strong). Plus, probiotics help you kick sugar cravings. Just a heads up: if you’re planning on diving headfirst into the yogurt aisle, take it easy on the entry, as too many probiotics can make you feel bloated.

Add Fiber

Americans aren’t getting anywhere near enough fiber in their diet. One of the detox crazes included colonics, or clearing out your colon manually. Skip a colon cleanse and use fiber as a natural (and safer) alternative. Toxins and waste cling to your digestive tract—fiber can grab them and drag them away. Fiber also helps you lose weight (high fiber diets are filling), helps you live longer, and helps you control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. All you need to do is add more fruits and veggies to your diet!

Skip Your Normal Toxins

Alcohol is, effectively, a poison to your body, as is any type of smoke inhalation, too much acetaminophen (Tylenol), processed sugars, and refined oils. Stick to whole foods as much as possible, cook with olive oil or other cooking oils that have high vitamin content, and skip the second glass of wine at the end of the day. It might not be fun, but your liver—the guy in charge of keeping your body toxin-free—will thank you, as alcohol and painkillers can damage it.

Work Out

Sweating out toxins isn’t scientifically a thing, but exercise helps circulate blood and lymph so that toxins move out quicker. The more blood circulates, the more the liver does overtime to filter it out. Working out is important for overall health, but because it kicks your insides into gear, it’s the easiest way to purify your body.

Are you looking for a nutrition plan? What about a workout plan? Our personal trainers can outfit you with the perfect line up to detoxify your routine. Come in and try us out today.