What Should You Learn From a Personal Training Session


Whether you’re wondering if personal training is right for you or already have your next session with your trainer scheduled, make sure you are taking advantage of your session time. Working with a personal trainer is great way to give the responsibility of preparation and planning workouts over to a professional. Your trainer can monitor your form and progress to create workouts specifically for you, but it is important to retain this information for days you are training alone or simply to progress each session. Remember these tips when working with a personal trainer to make the most of your investment in yourself.

The Best Things Your Personal Trainer Can Teach You

  • Form. Form is one of the most important aspects to learn from your personal training sessions. Correct form will help you avoid injury and maximize the benefits of the exercise.
  • Breathing. When a strenuous exercise arises, it is easy to hold your breath without knowing. By learning the correct timing of your breath when exercising, you will improve your posture and form to use the proper muscles to perform each exercise.
  • Sets. You’re beginning a new fitness journey, researched a workout only to read ‘complete 3 sets’. ‘How much is one set?’ ‘When do I start the second set?’ Don’t worry, these are very logical, and important, questions! More importantly, there isn’t one solid answer since it can vary on the type of workout you’re completing and why. Your personal trainer will teach you not only how many reps, sets, and rest periods to complete, but why.
  • Goal Oriented Exercises. Not seeing results from the workout you’ve been using from your favorite Instagram video? It may not be aligned with your goals. Your personal trainer will teach you which style and exercises are best to help you reach your goals, and which can be used to complement those workouts.

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