What Is ViPR and Is It Right for Me?

vipr exercisesReady to see faster results without varying too much from the exercises you already know? ViPR workouts bring you the intensity you need to lose weight and build muscle, without feeling like you need an instructional booklet to maneuver through the gym. It’s all thanks to a workout that truly brings your exercises back to the basics so your body is using more natural movements to reduce injury and improve functionality.

The Benefit of Loaded Workouts

vipr workout

ViPR training is more than just ‘the class with the tubes’ (fun fact: those ‘tubes’ are the ViPR). ViPR workouts specialize in loaded movement training, which means adding weight, or load, to movements your body is familiar with from everyday activity. Not only does this make you stronger, it trains your body to move more efficiently every day. You’re essentially training to be the best YOU that you could possibly be!

Every time you move with the ViPR, you’ll find yourself engaging your entire body. There’s no mistaking the shift of weight from upper to lower body and vice versa when holding the ViPR, immediately making it easy to see how this class can benefit you. In just a half an hour, you can work your core, strength train, and increase your heart rate, burning calories and shedding weight. 

viprWho doesn’t want all of those benefits tucked into one efficient class? The weighted movements you’ll experience during ViPR will help improve your balance and stability, agility, and especially strength. These are all crucial aspects you may not mindfully engage during stationary weight training, but are a great addition to your regular gym routine. The exercises are easy to learn, since they are all movements you’re already familiar with, and you don’t need to worry about gathering several pieces of equipment. Just come in, grab a ViPR and get ready to take your fitness to the next level.

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