The Best Winter Running Gear

best-winter-running-gear.jpgIt may not feel like it right now, but winter is indeed coming. You want to keep/start running, but let’s be honest, motivation can drop when it’s a little chilly outside — we get it. But never fear! We’ve rounded up some of the best winter gear for running to help you stay warm and fit, no matter the weather!
Base Layer
Let’s face it — when it’s cold, you’re going to need layers. You want your base layer to be comfortable, stay put, and wick sweat away. We like options made of merino wool — it’s not just for sweaters anymore! Merino wool is breathable, and can keep you warm even in a thin layer.
Another great option in material is  polyester. Polyester layers well and will provide extra benefits in keeping you dry.
Icebreaker – Long Sleeve Crew
running_tightsNo matter what gender you are, tights are pretty essential for keeping your legs warm. Just like your base layer, you want this to stay put without riding up and wick sweat away to prevent chafing. It’s up to you whether you choose full length or 3/4. Some say that the shorter tights give you better range of motion, while still keeping you just as warm.
Look for options like reflective trim and small pockets if you’re running outside — you’ll want somewhere to put your keys! We also recommend looking for wind-resistant material to help keep you warmer.
Under Armour – Cold Gear
North Face – Motus for Women
Tights Coverage
So you may not want to go out with just your tights showing. (You can if you want — we won’t judge!)
A pair of loose running shorts will do the trick. Yes, you can use your summer running shorts — as long as they’re loose enough to not restrict your movement.
running_jacketYeah, we know — running jackets are expensive. But they’re completely worth it. You’re looking for something wind and water resistant. Other features to look for are: breathability with extra ventilation anywhere you’re prone to sweat, a light weight, reflective strips, and enough pockets for all your extra goods.
Pay attention to features. If it’s a light jacket, you may want to look for a mesh panel in your back to help air you out. Note where seams are — some seams may rub if your base layers aren’t thick enough.
Nike – Aeroshield
Touchscreen Gloves
smart_glovesWhile it’s a little obvious that when it’s cold outside, you’re going to want gloves — but sometimes you have to state the truth! It seems silly to say your gloves need be technology friendly — but in these days, that’s also true. You may want to change your playlist on the go, or check your GPS…or plenty of other things. Look for a pair of warm but versatile touchscreen gloves — often fleece provides a lot of warmth.
Zensah Smart Running Gloves – We really like the bonus features of the reflective stripes and breathability.
Running Socks
As a runner, you know the importance of good socks! For cold weather, we recommend looking for a great pair of wool socks. Don’t worry — they don’t need to be itchy.
Prefer to run indoors when it’s chilly outdoors? Stop by one of our Jersey Strong clubs. We’d be happy to have you when the temperature gets a tad too cold!