Our Trainers Share Their Favorite Strength Training Tips

Gym_deadliftLooking to make some noticeable progress with strength training? Before you look any further, our trainers have some tried and true advice for your workout regimen. These tips will provide the foundation for your training routine no matter if you’re a beginner or revisiting some of your favorite workouts.

The Only Strength Training Tips You Need

Plan by the numbers.
Choose three to four exercises for your workout, and perform about 5 sets for each. Performing sets of five allows you the challenge for muscle gain you need, without sacrificing form. You also don’t want to be performing too many in one session. By keeping the time of your workouts down, you can reap the benefits of strength training and maximize your effort.

Keep a Log.
Since you won’t be performing every lift you know during every workout, keeping a log will help you track of the workouts you complete and your progress. A log is a great way to look at what you want to improve and keep track of how you liked a workout to build off of in the future.

Embrace the basics.
The four foundational moves for strength training should be the main focus of your workouts: squat, deadlift, bench-press, and shoulder-press. Add in your other exercises around these lifts to make the basics the focus of your training. The best part, you don’t have to be setting records to perform them. They can be assisted and begin with any weight that is for your ability level, but focusing on these exercises will give you the proper groundwork for success.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself.
There is a lot to be said for weight training, but it is important not to rush your progress. Focus on form and add weight slowly to avoid injury. When you increase weight for each session, do not exceed an increase of any more than 10 pounds. The gradual and steady weight increase will prevent you from hitting a plateau.

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