Openpath: Your Key to Access Jersey Strong

Want to check in on installation status at your club?

When members asked for a more flexible workout experience, first on their list was expanded hours at the clubs. So we got to work and found Openpath, an easy to use entry system so you can access our clubs whenever you’re ready for a workout. Here’s how to use the Openpath system.

Install the App

Go to the app store for your phone (Apple/Android) and download the OpenPath app.

Link to Openpath for iOS

Link to Openpath for Android

Open the App and Enter Your Email

Find the Openpath App on your phone and open it.  Then enter your email address – IT’S CRITICAL YOU USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS WE HAVE ON FILE WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP.  That would be the email address where you received this email.  If you have multiple people on a single email, we strongly advise you to contact our member services and have them add a unique email for everyone.

Finalize Installation

Go back to your email inbox and find the email from Openpath ([email protected]) and click on the “SET UP PHONE” link in the email.

This will open a webpage that guides you through turning on Bluetooth and allowing Openpath to access your location.  We strongly advise you to allow Openpath to track your location at all times so you never have to open the app to gain access to the clubs.

You can now open the door to the club by waving your hand in front of the reader by the door.  You can keep your phone in your pocket!


If you have issues entering the club or with installation after following these steps, please call ABC Openpath support: 866-992-8955

Please note the requirements for your phone hardware/software:

iPhone – iOS 9.0 or higher and iPhone 4 or higher
Apple Watch watchOS 4.2 or higher
Android 5.1 or higher

Monitoring Activity

In addition to the Openpath system we’ve installed a tracking system that helps identify if someone without an active OpenPath app accesses the club by following a member in through the door before it closes.  This sends a notification to our team and activates our camera system.  This assists us in ensuring your security and to make sure no unauthorized people are accessing the club.

Don’t Forget to Check-In

Once inside the club, be sure to scan your virtual membership card from the Jersey Strong+ app or your key fob.  This will ensure that you get credit for all your visits.   

Status Updates

You can keep track of the installation of the Openpath system at your club at the Openpath Status Page