Avoid These Foods During a Weight Loss Challenge

Avoid_These_Foods_During_a_Weight_Loss_Challenge.jpgA weight loss challenge can be a great incentive to help you stay accountable and motivated to your fitness goal. While you’re planning workouts and the best nutrition plan to accompany your challenge, be sure to stay away from a few specific foods that could derail your progress. They may seem like they could be a great advantage to a strict schedule, but in reality, could prevent you from going home with the gold. 

Common Mistakes Made During A Weight Loss Challenge

Frozen meals – We love convenience, but frozen meals are packed with sodium to preserve the meals longer. What does that mean for your weight loss challenge? The added sodium can cause you to retain water feeling extra bloated. Not a great feeling when you want to stay motivated to achieve your goal. Instead, prepare your own meals making extra so you can freeze a single meal to have later in the week.

bad_carbsCarbs only – Gone are the days of carb-only snacks during a weight-loss challenge! If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll want to snack smarter. If you’re feeling something crunchy, try a rice cake with peanut butter, or whole grain crackers with a little cheese. You’re snacking will be more well-balanced combining carbs and protein for a higher nutrient value that carbs alone.

Snack bars – Snack bars are not welcome near your next weight loss grocery list. They can be deceptive in claiming high-fiber benefits, which is great to leave you feeling fuller longer, but you can consume a high fiber snack from fresh fruits and veggies instead. This will help you remove a lot of added sugar and fat from your day.

artificially_sweetened_beveragesJuice and artificially sweetened beverages – Really, anything besides water should be out of your mind if you are working towards a weight loss goal. Removing sodas and juices from your diet will help you crave them less, so you don’t have to worry about drinking added calories and sugar. Instead, try adding citrus fruit, mint, or berries to your water. You’ll be surprised by how many natural flavors you can make yourself! We love making iced tea and only using muddled berries and mint as a sweetener!

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