A Special Collaboration to Help Those In Need — Jersey Strong Wine

Jersey_Strong_WineAs you know, the Jersey Shore has, and will always be, a core component of our culture. Most of Jersey Strong’s first clubs were built along the shorelines of Monmouth and Ocean counties, and the shore is home to our staff and thousands of Jersey Strong members. It’s all about community and keeping it local. That’s why we decided to step outside the box and do something truly special.

We teamed up with the fine folks at William Heritage Winery in a special collaborative effort and created the Jersey Strong Dry Red Blend — all in the name of aiding those in-need in our local communities. 

What started as a disaster recovery effort, turned into a full-fledged Foundation that has donated over $500,000 to various charities throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties. Most recently, the Jersey Strong Foundation and Fulfill NJ (formerly The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties) teamed up for an exclusive community partnership.

jersey_strong_red_wineThe results? Total donations of over $268,500 to Fulfill (as of July 2018), equating to well over 805,000 meals for our friends, neighbors and colleagues in-need in the community! 

With your help, we can do so much more! How? Drink wine!

One dollar from every bottle sold is donated to the Jersey Strong Foundation, which provides funding and resources to people, families and communities in New Jersey who are healing from hardship, natural disaster and other tragedies.

That’s right — drink wine and you’ll be giving back to charity. Even better? Jersey Strong Dry Red Blend is delicious; scoring 88 points and earning a Silver Medal on Tastings.com


The best news? The benefits of red wine:

Heart Health

Researchers have found an association between wine and heart health, finding that moderate wine consumption may reduce your risk of heart disease, most likely due to the polyphenol content.

Muscle Maintainance

Red wine contains resveratrol, a natural phenol (and antioxidant) that has been found to lower levels of bad cholesterol and protect the lining of blood heart vessels. Also, it has been found as a facilitator in slowing muscle deterioration; essentially preserving muscle fiber that would normally be reduced by inactivity.

Stress Reduction

Research suggests that the compounds in red wine truly quell the feelings of stress. According to research by the Scripps Research Institute, resveratrol (our friend is back to the rescue!) stimulates a “stress response gene,” which helps protect our DNA during times of stress.

Here’s Where You Can Buy It

Looking to drink wine AND give back to the community? Check out the local liquor stores that currently carry our Jersey Strong Dry Red Blend (with more to come!): https://www.heritagewinenj.com/jersey-strong-available-nj-liquor-stores/

A special thank you to William Heritage Winery for the collaboration. We simply could not have done this without their help, benevolence and unbelievable sense of altruism.

— We care deeply about our communities, because to us, they’re family —