5 Ways TRX Exercises Improve Your Strength Training

TRX_trainingThere’s a reason why members are loving TRX as a part of their regular strength training, because it improves each of their workouts! If you thought TRX was just another workout, think again. TRX suspension training is not only a great workout itself, but it also helps you improve your ability other other workouts you complete during the week. See why TRX is a benefit to various training methods. 

Strength Training with TRX Suspension

  1. Strong Core. By using your own weight which varies from usual strength training, TRX workouts help you build upon your core strength. Through stabilizing movements, while you might feel an exercise more in your arms or legs, you are still activating your core. Not only does this stabilization help build up your abs, it helps you avoid injury when performing other workouts.
  2. Posture. Sure, assisted machines can help you build muscle through isolation, but what if you want to better improve your daily activities? TRX workouts help you learn form and proper positioning for each exercise. Not only will you be able to tackle workouts unassisted from the machines, your form will improve your posture and daily movements. 
  3. Full Body Movements. Are you making the most of your workouts and your time? TRX exercises provide a full body workout so you can use your time more efficiently in the gym. 
  4. Range of Motion. Did you know that strength training and not using your full range of motion can actual hinder the progress you see from the exercise? Teaching your body to follow a full range for each workout will improve your strength training, helping you see results, and muscle, faster. 
  5. Learn Your Body. We’ve all been there, you get to a machine after someone else an you’re just not quite sure if it’s adjusted to where you need it to be. One of the great aspects of TRX training is that the straps can be adjusted for everyone and every workout. Every time you adjust the strap, you’re becoming more aware of what your body needs, the distance from the ground, resistance, and length of your arms and legs. This awareness will help you in push harder and know your limits when it comes to other workouts and equipment.
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