4 Butt Workouts You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth

exercise_and_multitaskIf you want to keep using the excuse that you don’t have the time, stop reading now! These butt workouts are easy enough that you can do them while you’re getting ready to conquer the day! Starting your day off with exercise and still getting ready for work? That’s the kind of multitasking we love! 

  • Squat – Simple air squats are the perfect exercise to start your day. These plyometric exercises can all be done in addition to a strength training workout, or alone if you’re short on time for the day. Squats are a great way to incorporate your whole body and get ready for a few more exercises for a complete circuit. 
  • standing-leg-raiseSide Leg Raise – At first you might not feel like you’re doing much of an exercise, but give it thirty seconds and you’ll be glad you added these leg raises to your circuit! Standing up straight, lift your leg out to the side and quickly return to the starting position without touching your foot back to the floor. Continue for thirty seconds. Be sure to engage your core to take the pressure off of your lower back and focus on stabilizing for an added thigh workout. This leg exercise will help you in showing off firmer glutes. 
  • Rear Leg Raise – With the same concept, lift your leg straight behind you, being sure to engage the glutes. We love this exercise because it can be done standing upright while you’re waiting for your breakfast or coffee to brew. You can save the donkey kicks for the gym, but still get in a butt workout to kick off your day. 
  • curtsy_lungeCurtsy Lunge – We can’t forget one of our favorite butt workouts that can be done without weight. Curtsy lunges help strengthen glutes and hamstring to create a full lean look. They are great addition to a weighted butt workout, but we love to get in another set at home when we can! Perform by crossing one leg behind the other instead of stepping back into a standard lunge. Perform 10 on each side, and repeat the entire circuit.

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